Sunday Music – What Do Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?

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Today’s music video is ‘What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?’ from the English singer Emile Ford with his backing band The Checkmates.

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In the UK, this song was the last Number One of the 50’s and the first Number One of the 60’s as it spent a few weeks at Number One as we rolled into the 60’s.

Emile was an English based singer who was born in the West Indies. He’s sometimes considered to be a one hit wonder, somewhat erroneously, as he had a few hits that went inside the Top Ten in the UK, but only one that went to Number One. A lot of more famous artists and bands have had long careers without ever having had a song at Number One. He had quite a long career in music across the years, even though only having a few records released.

This song was also a pretty big hit here in Australia, spending a few weeks at Number One in early 1960.

With this song, Emile has reworked an old song first written in 1916 by Joseph McCarthy, Howard Johnson, and James Monaco. It was a minor hit first time around in 1917 when it was sung by Ada Jones and Billy Murray.

Emile Ford was an accomplished musician in a variety of musical instruments, and he taught himself to play them all. This interest in music stemmed from an ability to perceive music as colours and patterns, termed synesthesia. Emile Ford was the first black British artist to sell more than one million copies of a 7 inch Single.

The song was revived in 1945 by the star of stage and screen, and also the music genre, Betty Hutton. Her version almost made it into the Top Ten in the U.S. This Betty Hutton version is almost identical to the original from 1917, and it’s worth comparing the two, just to see how Emile Ford reworked the song to make it such a huge hit.

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