Fukushima Aftermath – No Nukes Is Deadlier Than Yes Nukes

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Brendan O’Neill notes that anti-nuclear hysteria is deadlier than the Fukuskima “disaster”:

Five people died as a result of the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in March last year, when the terrible tsunami crashed into the plant’s reactors. But far more people died from heatstroke after the Japanese authorities caved in to post-Fukushima pressure and switched off nuclear reactors across the country.

This led to power blackouts, causing airconditioning systems in homes and public buildings to fail, with predictably disastrous consequences. So in June last year, with 35 of Japan’s 54 nuclear power plants in shutdown for safety checks, there was an unusual spike in the number of heat-related deaths.

In the first 10 days of that month, 26 people died from heatstroke—four times the normal number for that time of year. A further 13,000 were hospitalised. The greatest number of victims were, of course, pensioners, many of whom wanted to “help the nation by enduring the heat without airconditioning”, according to Japanese officials.

Note also that not one of the five deaths at Fukushima was caused by radiation, and not one person has yet been found with radiation illness or a dangerous dose.

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