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Today’s music video is ‘Second Hand Store’ from Joe Walsh.

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When it comes to using the term legend these days, that word is often quite loosely bandied about, but in the case of Joe Walsh it is the correct thing to say.

Joe has been at the top flight of the modern music era for more than 40 years now.

In 1968 he joined his first major band, James Gang, and in fact Joe turned out to be that band’s major driving force. James Gang were part of a quirky movie in 1971, Zachariah, billed as the first electric Western. It was definitely a little ‘out there’ to see a rock band with electric guitars playing in some scenes of what was basically a Western, although not in the traditional sense.

Joe left James Gang in 1971 to pursue the first part of a solo career. During this time, he also released an album as part of the band Barnstorm.

In late 1975, he was persuaded to join the band Eagles, and, as part of this legendary band, he moved them away from their (partly) Country style to a more Rock style. Eagles started originally as a four piece, Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Randy Meissner and Bernie Leadon, and then added Don Felder to the group in 1974. Founding member Bernie Leadon left in 1975 and was replaced by Joe Walsh.

Walsh’s first album with Eagles was Hotel California, perhaps one of the best albums ever made in the U.S. The album took 18 months to produce, and that time spent was well worth it, as this album still ranks in many lists as up around the top of the list of best albums. After this album, founding member Randy Meissner left and was replaced by Timothy B Schmittt.

Life In The Fast Lane was one of the songs on that album co-written by Walsh, and was one of the band’s staple songs, now fully establishing Eagles as a rock band. That Hotel California album would be viewed by many as almost impossible to follow up, and in fact Eagles almost did just that with their next album, The Long Run, which was two years in the making. On that album Walsh wrote In The City, which also became another of the band’s staples.

In the hiatus between these two monster albums from Eagles, Joe Walsh released a solo album titled But Seriously Folks in 1978. The four other members of Eagles played on individual tracks for this album, mainly providing backing vocals, as Joe assembled a strong list of session musicians for the band backing him up on guitar and vocals.

From this album came Joe’s biggest hit as a solo artist, Life’s Been Good, which all but made it into the Top Ten on the National Charts. This song was longer than 8 minutes on the album, but pared down to just over 4 minutes so it could get airplay on radio. It is a satirical send up of the life of a rock star.

That song was the reason I purchased the album, but as is nearly always the case, I ended up liking another song on the album more than this one that received airplay and became a hit. In fact, I like nearly every song on the album, something rare in those days.

That song is today’s featured clip, Second Hand Store, almost a slow ballad for Walsh. It is a wonderful song and you need to listen closely to the lyrics here. Eagles band member Don Felder plays the Pedal Steel guitar on this song, and Drummer Joe Vitale provides backing vocals.

Joe Walsh has stayed with Eagles, and after a fourteen year hiatus, he toured with the band on their Hell Freezes Over World tour, and on further World tours, playing to absolutely huge audiences everywhere.

Eagles proved they had lost nothing with their seventh studio album Long Road Out Of Eden,  the two disc set released in 2007, and winning the band 2 Grammy Awards, giving the band six Grammys in all.

Some of you may wish to hear Joe’s biggest hit, and this is the link to that song.

Life’s Been Good

Joe Walsh really is a legend in the true sense of the word.

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