CO2 Tax Australia – Oakeshott Calls For Change To Carbon Tax – But Fumbles

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Rob Oakeshott goes wobbly on the carbon tax he helped to pass:

Independent MP Rob Oakeshott wants a key element of the carbon pricing scheme scrapped.

The carbon tax is due to come into effect on July 1 and will operate at a fixed price for three years before moving to a fluctuating trading price in 2015.

However there will be a floor on how low the price can go.

Mr Oakeshott …  wants the floor price scrapped and says he is prepared to consider moving a disallowance motion in Parliament to overturn it…

Mr Oakesthott says the floor price could hurt businesses because it may be well above the international carbon price.


Mr Oakeshott, from NSW, told The Australian Financial Review one way to meet community concern about the effect of the scheme would be to remove the proposed price floor to operate under an emissions trading scheme from 2015 to enable companies to buy cheaper carbon permits overseas. This could be done by not introducing regulations to implement the price floor.

But wait. The floor price that Oakeshott warns may be too high is $15 per tonne. But from this July – and the three years afterwards – the carbon tax will be $23 a tonne or more.

If Oakeshott thinks $15 is too high, why did he vote for $23? What damage will that now do? Shouldn’t he demand a cut in the tax – or delay – before it’s all too late?

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