Climate Science – What You Are Not Being Told – With Videos – With UPDATE

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These original three Videos are from Doctor David Evans.

Joanne Nova has recently added a Video of her own, and I have added this to the list of videos shown here. In this video, Joanne explains The Other Side Of Climate and how the Science is being corrupted by vested interests with their own separate agendas. Joanne’s Bio is shown below, in the main text of this Post.


When it comes to Climate Science, one side of a non existent debate has all the traction, and everywhere Climate Change/Global Warming is reported and talked about, that one side is virtually all you hear about. That side predicts that the emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are leading to Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) and that something really drastic needs to be done to avert impending disaster, and that this action that needs to be taken will cost us many Trillions of dollars.

However, in recent times, the other side is slowly beginning to make some headway, and get their side of the debate into circulation. What is becoming more and more obvious, is that despite only one side having all the running, the average people are actually wanting to hear what the other side has to say.

While the impression that this whole debate is quite complex on both sides, it is in fact able to be expressed in a way that the average person can understand.

With this Post there are three videos that give the point of view of the side that you are not hearing about, and they go part of the way towards explaining why it is that just that one side has been making all the running, and how that side is using incorrect information, mainly in the form of Climate Modelling that leads people to think that there actually is a major problem.

These videos were not made by people who have limited knowledge of the situation, but in fact, by experts from this field. The main speaker is Dr David Evans, and he is supported in this case by Joanne Nova, who runs the blog site these videos were posted at. Some information about both of these people is as follows.

Dr. David Evans: PhD (E.E.), M.S. (E.E.), M.S. (Stats) [Stanford University], B.Eng (hons, medal), M.A. (Applied Maths), B.Sc. [University of Sydney]

David has a background in mathematics, computing, and electrical engineering. He helped build the carbon accounting model for the Australian Government that tracks carbon in plants, debris, soils, and agricultural and forest products. He researches mathematics — Fourier analysis, calculus, the number system, and multivariable polynomials. He also has six years of experience as a world leading carbon modeller consulting with the Australian Greenhouse Office and the Australian Government Department of Climate Change.

David runs his own website in Australia called Science Speak where he writes on Science related issues related to Climate Change and Global Warming.

Joanne Nova: B.Sc.

Joanne is a science writer, blogger and speaker, and author of The Skeptics Handbook.

Joanne also hosts her own blog site JoNova. It is one of the most popular Science related blogs, not only in Australia, but on a Worldwide basis. Her blog recently won Best Australian – NZ Blog in the 2012 International Twelfth Annual Weblog Awards. Her blog received 2 million page views in 2010 from 199 countries, and to date at her blog, she now has more than 100,000 comments. Previously Joanne hosted a children’s television program in Australia, did regular science segments on ABC radio, and was an associate lecturer in Science Communication at the Australian National University.

This is some of the text from the Post at the JoNova site which featured these three videos. That full Post is at the following link. One thing that is worthwhile doing is to read through the huge number of comments at all the Posts at Joanne’s blog that I have linked to here.

David Evans explains the skeptics case

Last week we finished some YouTube versions explaining the skeptical case. These grew out of the interview we did with Nick Minchin and Anna Rose for the  ABC documentary I Can Change Your Mind.

As David often points out, the mainstream media have never shown this data anywhere in the world, ever, even though it is extremely relevant, from mankind’s best and latest instruments, from impeccable sources, and is publicly available. Not to mention that billions of dollars of public policies depend on getting this right either.

When the documentary interview happened in our kitchen, we noticed something interesting. We felt the film crew, a producer and two camera people arrived expecting to find paid hacks, or slow moving ideologues who struggled to get a grip. It’s not that they said that of course, they were pro’s. But they had been hearing for years how we are evil shills for big tobacco and oil interests who were cynically only in it for the money. We stress they were professional and polite, and this isn’t in any way a complaint about them, but it was a distinct sense we had.

For two hours we presented evidence, determined to show graphs from respectable sources like NASA, photographs of actual thermometers, and had answers to absolutely everything and then some with details of scientific stuff like feedbacks and clouds. I took the predictable ad homs about funding, and turned the tables completely — we were the unfunded volunteers working for professional and patriotic duty against a wall of billions of dollars, while they lost data, hid methods, and called us names. I suppose they noticed we were a tad passionate, not cynical shills.

What follows are the three videos.

This first video is about the Science (Part 1) The images and graphs used in these first two videos are available at the full Post at the following link.

Dr David Evans – The Skeptics Case

Link to Video at You Tube

This second video is about the Science (Part 2)

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This third video is about the politics that are behind the Science. This video came from the Post at the following link.

Link to Video at You Tube

This is the added video from Joanne Nova.

Link to Video at You Tube