Climate Change Australia – Cutting The Green Waste Starts Now

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The great retreat from the Moscow of global warming is on in Australia:

DUMPING Victoria’s target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent compared with 2000 levels by 2020 makes sense…

Just hours after (Environment Minister Ryan) Smith binned the 20 per cent target, Energy Minister Michael O’Brien rushed out an announcement reversing an election commitment to impose limits on greenhouse gas emissions from new coal-fired power stations…

(Smith) will talk to federal Climate Change Minister Greg Combet about other areas of state environmental policy that may be similarly reversed because of the carbon tax. The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target, designed to encourage large energy retailers to sell energy-efficient products, will almost certainly be among them…

The incoming Liberal National government in Queensland … is promising to slash $661 million worth of state-based environmental initiatives over the next three years, and, as one of his first acts, Premier Campbell Newman withdrew $75 million earmarked for the Solar Dawn project near Chinchilla, part of the federal government’s Solar Flagship Program.

Look at the size of the dollars involved. How the hell did we come to spend so wildly on so little? We need an inquiry.


More retreats are likely:

ELECTRICITY companies are refusing to tell struggling families and businesses exactly how much the carbon tax will add to their power bills….

However, the O’Farrell government in the State of New South Wales will this week announce its intention to force all energy retailers to provide an “averaged” carbon tax liability on every consumer’s bill starting from July 1.

Federal Treasury estimated electricity prices will increase by up to 10 per cent when the tax kicks in on July 1.


There are so many politicians itching to finally be able to speak their mind and destroy the false gods:

In Australia and New Zealand, ”there are plenty of climate skeptics in politics, but they know it’s a political loser to say so,” explained the Australian environmentalist Paul Gilding. “This became the case after Australia suffered its worst-ever drought, lasting more than a decade.”

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