Climate Change – You’ve Got Only 50,000 Years To Reach Higher Ground

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt ~

The Age peddles yet another global warming scare:

GREENLAND’S ice sheet is more sensitive to global warming than previously thought, according to Spanish and German researchers.

The ice sheet may lose its ability to grow once warming reaches 1.6 degrees, a study published in Nature Climate Change found…

‘’We might already be approaching the critical threshold,’’ said Alexander Robinson, the lead author and an academic affiliated with both institutions…

The United Nations estimates Greenland’s ice sheet holds enough water to raise global sea levels by seven metres, threatening coastal cities.

Gosh. A critical threshold. Seven metre seas. Better head for the hills, right? So how much time have we got to pack and run?

Curiously, that is one fact missing from thom this report. Which is a pity, since it is actually quite reassuring, and would dampen public panic. From the Potsdam Institute’s paper:

In a business-as-usual scenario of greenhouse-gas emissions, in the long run humanity might be aiming at 8 degrees Celsius of global warming. This would result in one fifth of the ice sheet melting within 500 years and a complete loss in 2000 years, according to the study…

In contrast, if global warming would be limited to 2 degrees Celsius, complete melting would happen on a timescale of 50.000 years.

This won’t all come to pass for 2000 to 50,000 years? Provided the climate model is right, and nothing changes in the meantime?

Wake me when the water reaches my stoop.

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