Randi Rhodes: Mitt Romney Would Set Fire to His Hair and the Hair of His Wife and Kids to Win the White House

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By Tim Graham ~

Liberal talker Randi Rhodes on Wednesday insisted Mitt Romney would be desperate enough to do anything to be president, despite his claim that he wouldn’t light his hair on fire to be president.

“Mitt Romney would light his hair on fire if it meant he could win the presidency, okay,” said Rhodes. He’d torch the whole family. “He would light his hair on fire, set fire to his opponents’ hair, the hair of his followers, he would set Ann’s hair on fire, his boys’ hair on fire.” She said “He would fly a penis-shaped NASCAR over the Grand Canyon with his hair on fire and his dog strapped to the roof if it meant he could win the presidency.”

Then she turned her fire at Rush Limbaugh: “So I don’t know why Rush Limbaugh is so incensed over the fact that Mitt Romney won’t pander. If you look up pandering in the dictionary you will see a picture of Mitt Romney with his hair on fire next to it.”

Also on Wednesday came this strange exchange from Geraldo Rivera with a producer on his WABC radio show. It’s amazing just how crazy Democrats get when you say “Democrat” as an adjective modifier. It’s somehow the cheapest of cheap shots:

GERALDO: I don’t like when they say ‘Democrat’ instead of ‘Democratic.’ It’s just like …

SIDEKICK NOAM LADEN: It sounds a little strange, right?

GERALDO: … It’s not only strange but it just sounds like he’s trying to do it just to jab ’em. I think it’s like kind of a cheap shot, the Democrat Congress. It’s like, I don’t know …

LADEN: On purpose, you mean, yeah?

GERALDO: … like the Jerk-Off Congress. Should I say that? Uh, OK, I did, sorry, I apologize ladies and gentlemen.

Democrat equals “jerk-off”? Geraldo must still have his hero Bill Clinton on the brain.

Tim Graham contributes at NewsBusters. He is Director of  Media Analysis at the Media Research Center and is the author of the book “Pattern Of Deception: The Media’s Role In The Clinton Presidency”.

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