An Excuse From Flannery For His Dud Prediction

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt ~

Professor Tim Flannery (Australian Climate Change Commissioner)

Professor Tim Flannery in 2007 said we’d never again get dam-filling rain, and Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide could need desalination plants by as early as 2009. Now, with the country awash, dams near full and desalination plants left idle, Flannery has fled:

A commission spokeswoman yesterday said Professor Flannery was in Germany, but said droughts were expected to become more frequent and ”just because it is raining does not mean we should not think ahead and prepare for a drier future.”

That is a classic. Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean it won’t.


The Bureau of Meterology is still waiting for that drier future:

Wetter autumn favoured for much of northern and eastern Australia The national outlook for March to May 2012 shows the following:
• large parts of northern and eastern Australia more likely to have a wetter season
• southwest WA, southern Victoria and Tasmania more likely to have a drier season


When David Marr wrote about fear-mongers, how come he left warmists such as Flannery off his list?

FROM the cover of David Marr’s latest book, Panic: Terror, Invasion, Disorder, Drugs, Fear-mongers, Flesh, 2012:

TURNING fear into panic is a great political art: knowing how to stack the bonfire, where to find the kindling, when to slosh on a bucket of kero to set the whole thing off with a satisfying roar . . . These are dispatches from the republic of panic, stories of fear and fear-mongering under three prime ministers.Some chart panic on the rise and others pick through the wreckage left behind, but all grew out of my wish to honour the victims of these ugly episodes: the people damaged and a damaged country.

What about this panic? Tim Flannery, ABC Lateline, June 10, 2005:

I’M afraid that the science around climate change is firming up fairly quickly . . . we’ve seen just drought, drought, drought, and particularly regions like Sydney and the Warragamba catchment—if you look at the Warragamba catchment figures, since 98 the water has been in virtual freefall, and they’ve got about two years of supply left . . .

Maxine McKew: But. . . we won’t see a return to more normal patterns?

Flannery: . . . they do seem to be of a permanent nature. I don’t think it’s just a cycle. I’d love to be wrong, but I think the science is pointing in the other direction.

McKew: So does that mean, really, we’re faced with—if that’s right—back-to-back droughts and continuing thirsty cities?

Flannery: That’s right.

ABC 702, yesterday:

A FLOOD watch has been issued for parts of Sydney with continued heavy rain falling in the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment expected to “fill and spill” over Warragamba Dam.

And the damage? The victims? ABC 7.30 Report, July 12, 2005:

MAXINE McKEW: As Australian cities have steadily watched their dam levels fall and amid predictions of continued irregular rain patterns . . . for NSW Premier Bob Carr that moment of truth has come with his surprise announcement to build a $2 billion desalination plant to remove the salt from the seawater.


Chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery in 2007 warned global warming was draining our dams.

“Even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and river systems,” said the Australian who has most whipped up global warming alarmism.

“In Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane, water supplies are so low they need desalinated water urgently, possibly in as little as 18 months.”

Here’s how full our dams are, five years later, at the end of another summer:

* Canberra’s dams: 99.6 per cent.

* Darwin’s dam: 96 per cent.

* Brisbane’s dams: 91 per cent.

* Sydney’s dams: 87 per cent.

* Melbourne’s dams: 64 per cent.

* Adelaide’s dams: 55 per cent.

Flannery must account for his discredited predictions or resign.

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