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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt ~

It is looking exceedingly unlikely that Kevin Rudd will have enough backers to return him to his former position of Prime Minister of Australia, as the numbers are quite solidly behind incumbent Julia Gillard. However, what is happening is that the Labor Government is committing virtual political suicide as more and more comes out from both sides. What follows here are three video clips from today’s Bolt Report from Australian TV…..TonyfromOz.

This first video is an interview with Gillard supporter Richard Marles, who cannot remember the nasty Kevin Rudd that Julia describes from his time as Prime Minister before the Party room coup.

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In this next clip, Gillard supporter Michael Danby says he has received literally thousands of messages from Rudd supporters.

Also, Nick Minchin says that the most damage that has been done to the Labor Party ‘brand’ has been done by the introduction of the Legislation for the Price on Carbon, the huge new CO2 Tax.

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In this clip, Kevin Rudd’s numbers man, Bruce Hawker warns that Rudd could still be drafted after being defeated tomorrow. He denies he’s being paid a cent for helping Rudd’s campaign.

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