Illegal Immigration Australia – Boat People Offered As Much In Free Goodies As They Paid To Come

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt ~

Currently, while the Summer weather is still good, leaky boats full of illegal immigrants are leaving Indonesia to undertake the sea journey to Australia, almost on a daily basis. So far this year, more than 500 people have arrived, and the processing centres where they are being housed prior to resettlement into the community are creaking at the seams. If what has been mentioned here by Andrew is the case, then it’s no wonder they are flocking here…..TonyfromOz.

So, a people smuggler goes to, say Quetta or some other city in Pakistan, and shows a bunch of young guys this news item about a land of free electronics and houses grander than their own:

WASHING machines, microwave ovens, DVDs and plasma TVs are among a 60-item welcome gift pack for asylum seekers offered rent-free homes in the community.

To fulfil a promise to move an influx of families out of detention, Australia’s Labor Government, led by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, is now fitting out each home with up to $10,000 worth of furnishings and electronics.

They are given food hampers upon arrival at rented homes where they wait for their claims to be processed…

Everything from beds, fridges, mattresses and lounges to an alarm clock radio, clothes hangers and containers for biscuits are being bought in a “household goods formation package” that contains more than 60 items.

It includes a television at a minimum size of 53cm.

An average family of five is eligible for $7100 worth of goods, while larger families of more than nine people can be provided with up to $9850 in furnishings, the Opposition has revealed after Senate estimates this week.

Special consideration is given to providing computers, internet access, mobile phones, bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, iPods, games consoles and sewing machines.

So that people smuggler makes an offer. Pay me $10,000, and I can get you to Australia where you’ll be given almost as much in electronic goods – plus welfare for life, or the chance to earn more money in a year than you’ll earn here in a decade. Once in, you can sponsor the rest of your family to come over legally.

Now, you guess what happens next?

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