Recent Energy and Environmental News – Febuary 2012

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“Why I Turned Against ‘Green’ Windpower”

More reports about greed energy economics:

“Electricity Costs – The Folly of Wind power”

A superior three part series about the economic (and otherwise) foolishness of wind and solar

A good commentary about the foolishness of wind subsidies

“We need wind subsidies like we need VHS subsidies” is on the mark

Taxpayers take a hit subsidizing renewables’t-subsidies-industry-aka-renewables

A wonderful, must read article about wind energy

Redefining green jobs

Over 100 British lawmakers formally object to wind energy  Here is there letter (of course it actually applies even more to offshore, which is far more expensive)

India To End a Tax Break for Wind Energy

Bonneville Power agrees to pay wind developers for electricity not received

If Germany goes through with their foolish plan to phase out nuclear energy, this independent report concludes that it will cost them over Two Trillion dollars  Speaking of nuclear, please read this three part series (written by high school students!)

More reports about turbine health matters:

Superior article about the origins of turbine setbacks

A good film with Dr. McMurty re turbine health consequences

Miscellaneous energy reports:

A massive critique of Germany’s failing energy policies by a PhD insider

The largest manufacturer of Wind turbines  in the World, the Danish company, Vestas reports on massive layoffs

“Could Nuclear Power Solve Global Warming: the Affirmative Case” is an interesting technical paper in a peer-reviewed journal

This was written to supplement another good paper (different author) “Could Renewables Solve Global Warming: the Negative Case”

“Charles Manson Energy Butchery” (about turbine wildlife kills)

“Environmental Radicals: Go Home”   This is an interesting dustup where a government official is taking on environmentalists

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture speaks out against wind energy

A fine article about an Australian wind project

“EPA’s Sustainability Gambit “

Three good new reviews about WindFall, including one by Roger Ebert,  and

A good article about ABC’s position on turbine bird kills

America is getting close to energy independence, and it has nothing to do with wind energy

“Offshore turbines ‘will pose a threat to nuclear subs fleet’”

Some recent global warming articles of interest —

“How Green Zealots Are Destroying the Planet”

Germany’s top environmentalist turns skeptic is a significant development. See   and

“Global Warming? No Natural Predictable Change”

“How To Think Seriously About The Planet “

Some superior testimony from experts about AGW

Global Warming — here is the take by 16 scientists

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