Australian Politics – Is Bob Brown Sexist By Defending Gillard Like This?

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt ~

Greens leader Bob Brown makes one of the silliest interventions yet in Labor’s leadership battle in a desperate bid to preserve his meal ticket:

GREENS leader Bob Brown says criticism of Julia Gillard is sexist and unfair … “Quite a bit of the criticism is sexist and unfair and unrelenting and the Prime Minister needs a bit of a break from that,” he told journalists in Canberra.

What, “quite a bit” of the criticism is sexist and unfair? To criticise her extraordinary deceits and broken promises, for instance, is now sexist? To criticise her for her lethal bungling of boat people policy, the crippling of live cattle exports, the fire–starting of mini race riots, the mass rorting of the school hall program, her attacks on the free press and free speech and so much more is proof of the critics’ “sexism”? By the way, did Brown ever call for John Howard to be given “a bit of a break” from the far more furious criticism he was given by the media? Why not? Is Brown perhaps sexist?

Brown continues:

“I just think the degree of relentless criticism on this Prime Minister coming from male commentators, it’s probably all subconscious, but is sexist and quite ridiculous at times.”

I’m puzzled. When some of those male commentators praised Gillard, were they sexist then? Or are we only sexist now that we’re criticising her for the deceit and incompetence since? And when female commentators criticise Gillard in exactly the same terms as we men, why doesn’t Brown call them sexist, too? Or is Brown perhaps sexist?

On he goes:

He said voters believed Ms Gillard had handled herself well in difficult circumstances. “People are incredibly impressed with her ability to deal with what is chucked at her, and so am I,” he said.

“Incredibly impressed”? In fact, the latest Newspoll has satisfaction with Gillard falling from 36 per cent before Christmas to 33 per cent, with dissatisfaction with her steady on 55 per cent. Is Brown perhaps a fantasist as well as sexist?

This bit will stun you:

Senator Brown criticised independent MP Andrew Wilkie, saying the House of Representatives crossbencher had been “naïve” to make the passage of poker machine reforms a condition of his support for Labor, which he had now rescinded.

“We didn’t ask for commitments, for example, to ensure that a parliament pass an issue in a period of minority government,” he said.

“I think that was going a step too far. How can you ask a minority government to ensure that a parliament passes anything?”

What, like a carbon dioxide tax? Here’s Brown signing the infamous leadership deal with Gillard that ensured her the Greens support, and had her disastrously breaking her election promise not to impose the tax that only the Greens demanded:

Prime Minister Gillard and Senator Brown seated. Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan at left, and the remaining 4 persons are from The Greens Party.

Brown is a sexist, a fantasist and the most brazen hypocrite. If he expects voters to buy this stuff, he’s also a fool.

He also has an undeclared vested interest in the Labor battle – a Greens patsy as Prime Minister would suit him best. Michelle Grattan explains:

Rudd PM would be urged by some colleagues to more sharply differentiate the government from the Greens. The Liberal claim that Bob Brown is the real PM is biting in the electorate, according to Labor MPs.

Having a stoush with the Greens would not be particularly dangerous for Rudd.

The more Brown argues for Gillard, the clearer he advertises that Gillard is a Greens stooge.

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