Recent Energy and Environmental News – January 2012

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“The Dark Side of Green Energy” is a superb assessment

Two additional suggestions from readers for alternatives to the “wind farms” term:

1) Subsidy Farms

2) VIPERs (Vertical Industrial Polluting Electrical Rackets).

More reports about greed energy economics:

A MUST read “Why the Wind Industry is full of hot air..”

“Electricity Costs – the Folly of Wind Power” by Civitas Institute:

“Making Sense of Levelized Costs” is a good discussion of a very important matter

“Defining Green Jobs for the Colorblind “

More reports about turbine health matters:

In Australia, the State Government of New South Wales has issued proposed new tougher wind siting rules

“Wind Turbines and Proximity to Homes: The Impact of Wind Turbine Noise on Health”

Here is a short (too short) video showing a bit how infrasound works

This video is longer, but interviews residents near a wind project about their health experiences

Miscellaneous energy reports:

A MUST read “No Time To Abandon Energy Density” is written by an engineer, and is remarkably on target

This book was recommended and I’m passing it on as it applies here: “The Tyranny of Good Intentions”

“Nothing is Sustainable” is an excellent discussion of a new buzzword

“A Sustainable Depression” is a good commentary on the economics of wind and renewables

Why Renewable Energy Hype is Just That

“Wind Farms Blasted” (note the key comment about science):

Wind Project projected Capacity Factors are grossly exaggerated

An interesting story about a company in the wind energy business, and how their marketing claims appear to have diverged sharply from reality

“Why Do Environmentalists Support the Destruction and Pollution Caused by Wind Energy“

“Will the Winds of Change Finally Blow These Eye Sores Away?”

A small ray of hope for NYS citizens about Article X

The NYS Attorney general is putting on a push for towns to have higher ethical standards (which would greatly help with the wind energy matter)

A new generation of nuclear power plant (this one by Westinghouse) was just approved by the NRC. This is a major regulatory hurdle cleared.

I’m a fan of geothermal energy. Here is a page of information, with two good (short) videos on EGS

A good article about shale gas — which is necessitated by wind energy   It comes down to the same issue: all of our technical policies should be thoroughly scientifically vetted.

A good behind-the-scenes discussion of the Solyndra debacle

Some recent global warming articles of interest —

The fact that the EPA is considering expanding their “authority” is an absurd power grab that cries out for a strong pushback

“Unified Theory of Climate” could have important implications

“Questioning Climate for Policymakers” is a good review of the global warming situation

Here is a good, simple perspective on global warming

“Global Warming – a Modern Day Myth”

“The World’s Slowest Learners”

“What Financial Meltdowns tell us about the IPCC”

The truth about sea level rise, from an expert

Some other recent articles of general interest —

“Americans Stumble on Math of Big Issues”

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