What if Iran Really is Suicidal Enough to Attack Israel?

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By Gregory D. Lee

Last Monday, Iran ended its 10-day naval maneuvers in the Persian Gulf and the Straits of Hormuz, but it might be the beginning of a shooting war with the United States.

Before the maneuvers began, the U.S. Navy sailed the U.S.S. Stennis, a Nimitz class aircraft carrier, out of the Gulf, only to later receive a warning from Iran’s army chief Ataollah Salehi.

“Iran will not repeat its warning . . . the enemy’s carrier has been moved to the Sea of Oman because of our drill. I recommend and emphasize to the American carrier not to return to the Persian Gulf,” he said. This latest threat is a result of President Obama signing legislation posing sanctions on entities that deal with Iran’s central bank.

Salehi has good reason not to want the aircraft carrier to return to its base in Bahrain. The vessel, along with its fleet, can singlehandedly destroy Iran and turn it into glass. Seems that the more a country like Iran threatens military action; the least likely it is to carry it out. This could be another example of blustering by Iran because the Stennis is probably on its way to its home port in Bremerton, Washington with no intention of returning to the Fifth Fleet in Bahrain.

The unknown factor here is our commander-in-chief. What will he order the carrier group to do – anchor at sea, return to its home port, return to Bahrain or just ignore the threats? I’m guessing the threats will be ignored.

Based on Iran’s past behavior in its efforts to acquire and manufacture nuclear weapons, coupled with its rhetoric of “wiping Israel off the face of the earth,” it seems to me that it intends to do just that. This latest threat is just a distraction from Iran’s efforts to acquire components to make a nuclear weapon.

We’ve all heard of individual “suicide bombers” so why couldn’t there be a “suicide country?” Iran’s leadership is so hell-bent on destroying Israel, it probably would sacrifice itself to accomplish its goal. The sick people who recruit and control suicide bombers claim that innocent Muslims killed in bombings are justified because it furthers Allah’s cause. Iran leadership may be thinking of going out in a blaze of glory, so to speak, if it firmly believes its citizens will achieve a higher place in Heaven by destroying Israel. If so, why would it hesitate to acquire nuclear weapons to accomplish Allah’s will?

People need to understand the Iranian leadership is not comprised of rational people. When Iran got away with holding American diplomats hostage for more than a year starting in 1979, it grew bolder. When Iran gets away with supporting Hamas and Hezbollah, it grows stronger. When Iran manufactures and exports IEDs to Afghanistan to kill American service members, it becomes confident. When it conspires with Mexican drug cartel thugs to murder the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S. on American soil, it becomes emboldened. When Iran perceives a weak president in the White House running for re-election and ignoring its threats, it becomes encouraged.

My theory may sound farfetched, but when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he intends to destroy Israel, Iran makes a concerted covert effort to acquire a nuclear weapon and simultaneously seeks to develop a missile delivery system that will reach its intended target, I think he must be taken seriously.

Iran realizes that any nuclear attack on Israel will result in a nuclear retaliation by the Jewish State and possibly the United States. So, why would Iran risk total annihilation by attacking Israel?

It’s Allah’s will, of course.

FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Gregory D. Lee is a retired DEA Supervisory Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the author of three criminal justice textbooks. While on DEA diplomatic assignment in Pakistan, he was involved in the investigation of several notable terrorism events and arrests. He recently retired after more than 39 years of active and reserve service from the U.S. Army Reserve as a Chief Warrant Officer Five Special Agent for the Criminal Investigation Division Command, better known as CID. In 2011 he completed a combat tour of duty in Afghanistan while on special assignment to the Special Operations Command Europe.

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