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Today’s music video is ‘Chances Are’ from Johnny Mathis.

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Johnny Mathis has to have one of the smoothest singing voices in popular music.

During his long career, he has had numerous hit songs, and is credited with having sold more than 350 million records during that formidable career, in fact making him the third highest selling artist of the 20th Century,  with only Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra selling more than Mathis.

Mathis has recorded more than 200 singles, and more than 70 of those have charted well all over the World.

His talent was noted at a young age, and he had years of training prior to being ‘discovered’, and in fact is one of very few artists to have years of professional training before his career started, and that training even included Opera as well.

While at San Francisco State University aged 21, he also had an outstanding sports career in his future as well, playing Basketball, and also excelling at Athletics.

In fact, in early 1956 he was asked to attend the U.S. Olympic Team selection trials as a high jumper. At the same time as those trials, he was scheduled for an appointment to set his career in the music industry in train, and Mathis had to choose. The Olympics or a music career, and he chose the latter.

His first two Singles charted well, and this, allied with his appearances in a couple of movies as a singer, and also an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, gave him national coverage, and that career was assured from that point onwards.

The song featured today was his third Single, released in 1957, and his first song to reach Number One on the mainstream American charts.

This is a wonderful song, and highlights perfectly the ‘velvet voice’ of Johnny Mathis.

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