White Christmas + More

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Jim Carrey Sings White Christmas

Jim Carrey SingingHe’s got a tin ear: Watch Video »

Organ Fail

Pipe OrganAh, Christmas music! Wait for it… Watch Video »

O Holy Night

South ParkThis is by no means an endorsement of South Park (which is a crass, vulgar, and morally reprehensible show that no Patriot should ever under any circumstances whatsoever find AT ALL FUNNY), but except no this clip is nonetheless hilariouswatchthis: Watch Video »And if that’s not a funny enough rendition of this Christmas classic, check out this version. If it doesn’t leave you in stitches, something is wrong with your Christmas spirit.

Ketchup Tank

This thing will go over great at our office Christmas party after I load it with Egg Nog. Watch Video »

The Incandescent Light Bulb Song

Man And LightbulbMan mourns the impending loss of the beloved incandescent light bulb with a song set to familiar music: Watch Video »Obama Jobs

Pipe Line Cartoon
New Postal Creed
Wrecking Ball