‘Clean Energy Future’ Australia – Raining On The Renewable Mirage

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

So with new hydro projects essentially banned and carbon capture a flop, the Gillard Government will probably need four times the solar and wind generators we have now to reach its 2020 target for renewable energy.

That is sure going to cost:

ELECTRICITY produced by renewable sources is approaching 10 per cent of Australia’s total power supply, half of the national target for 2020.

The Clean Energy Council’s 2011 review – launched overnight at climate change talks in Durban, South Africa – said renewables’ share of Australian electricity generation had grown by almost one percentage point over the past year, up from 8.7 per cent to 9.64 per cent.

But the growth was driven largely by increased generation of hydro power following heavy rains across the east coast.

Hydro is still far and away the biggest clean energy source in Australia, accounting for 67 per cent of the total, followed by wind power at 22 per cent.

Rooftop solar technology accounts for only 2.3 per cent of all renewable power generated, or a little over 0.2 per cent of total generation.

Despite this, the review said more than 75 per cent of the $5.2 billion invested in renewable energy in Australia in the 2010-11 financial year went on household solar.

What colossal amount of investment will be needed to get enough solar power to reach our renewable energy target?

PS: How ironic that the rise in renewable energy – which we were told was needed to stop global warming – comes mostly from the rains that global warming was meant to dry up.

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