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Today’s music video is ‘Three Sons’ from Australian singer songwriter John Williamson.

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All too often, Country Music is sometimes ignored as it’s perceived as not being ‘cool’.

Over the years Country Music has developed and moved into the mainstream, well away from, again, what is perceived as its roots. The genre has expanded even further than popular music, as it actually has become ‘cool’ by moving into the mainstream of Popular music.

While it has moved into soft rock with long established ‘big name’ bands, it still retains its essence, that of being able to ‘tell a story’, and while every genre of music can be said to ‘tell a story’ set to music, I have always had the belief that Country Music is the best at actually doing this, ‘telling a story’.

Country Music varies from the area you are situated in, and that goes from Country to Country as well.

Here in Australia, Country Music is also well established in the mainstream, and the Country Music in Australia differs from the Country Music in the U.S. besides having a different accent.

Country Music in Australia has developed over the years, as it has done everywhere.

Here in Australia, we have legends of the genre in much the same manner as there are Country Music legends everywhere.

One of the early artists to bring the distinctly Australian style of Country Music into the mainstream was the late Slim Dusty (David Gordon Kirkpatrick) whose legendary career spanned almost 8 decades. Along with some others Slim was instrumental in bringing a particular version of Country Music to Australian audiences, singing about specific Australian places, and Australian specific things in his songs. I have featured one of Slims songs as part of these Sunday Music Posts, one of Slims last big hits, not only in the Country arena, but across into the mainstream of Australian popular music as well. That song is at the following link:

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John Williamson is one of many more Australians, both male and female who have continued this Australian theme. Now, thanks mainly to Slim, those Country Music artists are in fact part of Australia’s mainstream music.

John Williamson’s career started in 1970 with a novelty song, ‘Old Man Emu’, also a distinctly Australian themed song, that was a Number One Smash hit Australia wide. Over those intervening 40 years he has had numerous hits, both in the Country Charts, and also in the mainstream charts as well.

Over the years, John has sold more than 2 million Album, just in Australia.

Just as you have The Country Music Awards in the U.S. each year, here in Australia we also have our own Country Music Awards. These are held each year at Tamworth in Central Northern New South Wales, and the major awards are called ‘Golden Guitars’.

Over the years, John has won more than 23 of these Golden Guitar Awards, second only to Slim Dusty who won 37 of them.

This song I have featured today, ‘Three Sons’  was from his 1999 Album, ‘The Way It Is’ which won three of those Golden Guitar Awards, including one for this song, The Bush Ballad Of The Year Award.

While the lyrics of the song have that distinct Australian flavour, the story told is an evocative one about a Cattle Grazier who, even though the times are hard, still has much to happy about, and also much to be proud of, his three sons, and how the best of times are when he is with his sons camping out around the camp fire at the stock camp.

Oh six generations where camels run free

I hope I am never too blind to see

How fortunate how proud can an old feller be

Three sons in their swags ’round the stock camp with me

I have featured John’s Music in an earlier Post at the following link, where he sings one of his most popular songs True Blue.

Australia Day January 26th 2010

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