Hitler Discovers ATTACKWATCH is a Joke! – Video

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Hitler discovers his new website “ATTACKWATCH” is the joke of the internet after only 24 hrs.

Check out http://www.attackwatch.com to see what everyone’s laughing at!

Please buy the movie from which this famous clip has been taken, it really is a very good movie!
PatriotPost’s Channel, YouTube
After receiving several complaints from readers about the Hitler video we ran last week (which we did not create), we thought it only fitting that those complaints be forwarded to AttackWatch. In case you missed the offending video, here it is again with a suitably revised caption:

This (hilarious video) unnecessary mockery capitalizes on (a popular meme) Godwin’s law to (great effect) a sickening degree, mercilessly (deriding Obama’s new AttackWatch website) comparing Hitler to Obama.

Editor’s Note: Occasionally, an Obama ad plays before the video, which only takes money away from his campaign. Personally, we mute these and (create our own humorous voice-overs) weep silently.

Oh my, that is bad. What were we thinking?

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