Time To Fund Some Sceptics, Too

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

The article that Andrew links to here marks a significant point in this Climate Change Debate. The article was published in one of the major Australia wide daily newspapers The Australian. It is one of the few times that an article that goes against the current thinking has been published in a widely circulating daily, and indicates that at last, we may actually be starting to have the debate that for so long has been one sided only. The author is Joanne Nova who runs a widely read blog in Australia at her JoNova site. For a long time now, we have been told that this Science debate is closed. This shows at last that it isn’t just a one sided debate…..TonyfromOz.

Joanne Nova says it’s time to pay for auditors of the global warmists’ books:

GOVERNMENTS across the world have paid billions to find links between carbon dioxide and the climate, but very little to find the opposite, and that’s a problem.

Teams of professionals have searched high and low for any possible hint that CO2 poses a threat, and that is all very well, but no one has been paid to find otherwise. CO2 has been convicted without a defence lawyer.

It is self-evident that any expert in a field will reap more rewards, fame and fortune if their field is critically important. Why would anyone expect such experts to go out of their way to hunt down evidence that might suggest their field ought not be the centre of a global economic transformation?…

Did anyone really expect that teams of volunteers without offices, budgets, access to data or PR writers would spontaneously arise and point out any flaws? Would people with the right training choose to forgo Sunday golf in order to download Hadley radio-sonde data and shoot holes in the national temperature record? Actually, they would and they have, but it’s taken years to build, and it’s a silly way to run the country. This was always a loophole begging to be exploited…

It’s as if the government has funded a team of QCs for the prosecution, but spent nothing on legal aid for the defence…

Between 1989 and 2009, the US government paid over $30 billion towards “climate change”… If a government spent $30bn to find better uses for carrots, there would be carrot appreciation societies, carrot conventions, 400 patents on carrot-based wing-nuts, tents, and textiles, and 4000 peer-reviewed references on worrying declines in carrot hue, nutrients, fertility and genetic diversity, not to mention gender inequality in dietary carrot content…

We’ve paid to find a crisis, and what-do-you-know, we “found” one.

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