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By John Droz, jr.    7/27/11

I’m extremely selective with my official association with organizations — so when I was recently asked to become a Fellow at American Traditions Institute (ATI) I spent a few hours talking with the founder and other key people there. I was very impressed at their objectives (e.g. to promote real science) so I did agree to become affiliated with them. Here is an explanation of where they are coming from <<>>. Let me know any questions.

As an example of what they do, one admirable wind-related action they have taken is to sue the state of Colorado about their RPS. To my knowledge, no one else has sued any state’s RPS. If ATI is successful here it will have profound ramifications to all other states burdened by an RPS.

ATI has some great aspirations, and getting rid of unscientific options like wind energy is high on their list. They really need your financial support to make inroads against wind energy, so please make a donation on ATI’s website — and it’s tax deductible. Thank you!

Some recent energy articles of interest —

This is a MUST READ: utility company CEO Kimball Rasmussen has written an excellent paper about the fallacies of renewable energy 

Markus Bryant, another utility CEO, is writing an insightful series about wind energy dubbed “The Emperor’s New Clothes”: 

Jo Nova’s very useful site had this article “Lessons in wasting money: Use more wind and solar… and emit just as much CO2” 

This is an objective newspaper report on bat economics in Pennsylvania — and everything it says applies to other areas as well 

An interesting article about the wasteful economics of wind energy <<>>.

A good article about removing subsidies for all energy sources <<>>.

“Wind: Snake Oil Salesman Claim Cure for Oil Addiction” <<>>.

A superior peer-reviewed look at some health impacts due to wind turbines <<>>.

The Japanese experience proved that nuclear power is extremely safe 

This is of PROFOUND importance, and directly affects the situation with wind energy. Please read this closely and then do something about it in your community <<>>.

A fine article on the current state of the environmental movement <<>>.

Some recent global warming articles of interest —

A fine debate between Lord Christopher Moncton and Dr. Richard Dennis: well worth listening to carefully

Lest we think this global warming business will soon succumb to sound science, there is now this: the UN is considering whether to have an armed military to specifically enforce global warming “regulations” <<>>.

We sometime hear about how electric vehicles will be the key to our salvation. This article (and the comments) show how that is not likely 
Please pass this on to other open-minded, science-oriented people. If anyone would like to be added to or removed from the email list, please let me know.

Thank you for your support.

john droz jr.,
physicist & environmental advocate
Fellow: American Traditions Institute (<<>>)