Sunday Music – Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters

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Today’s music video is ‘Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters’ from Australian singer Judith Durham.

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It’s not very often I prefer a ‘cover’ to the original, as, in most cases, the original is always the song you remember the most, so it tends to be your favourite version of the song.

However, this version comes quite close to that original.

This song is from Australian singer Judith Durham.

She started out as a classically trained pianist, and added her wonderful voice to that already quite strong talent.

She is more famous as the lead singing voice from that huge Australian band The Seekers, who were not only huge in Australia, but were one of the first Australian bands to get into the ‘big time’ on a Worldwide basis with a string of major hits from the mid 60’s.

I have featured a few songs from The Seekers in this Sunday Music series of Posts, but this is the first time I have featured Judith from her solo career.

Judith has covered a variety of styles, and while Jazz singing was always her forte as a solo artist, she also crossed into mainstream popular music.

She has such a beautiful voice, that any song she performs always has a ceretain something to it, and this song highlights just that.

The original was performed by Elton John, and is from his huge album from 1972 ‘Honky Chateau’. The lyrics were written by Bernie Taupin who had such a wonderful association with Elton who wrote all the music, while Bernie did the lyrics.

I might guess that not many singers have made a cover version of this song, so when I heard this version from Judith Durham, I was intrigued a little, because, while the original album was hugely popular, not many songs from it were ‘covered’ by other artists.

1972 was a good year for popular music, and produced so many fine albums.

Around this time, I was collecting LP records, and I already had a fairly large number of them.

Elton John was one of those artists and bands I always kept an eye on for any new stuff. I already had 2 of Elton’s albums, the ones directly prior to this one, ‘Tumbleweed Connection’, and ‘Madman Across The Water’. While each of those albums had only produced one minor hit apiece, I found that I really enjoyed nearly every song on the album, which was something of a rarity in those days, as there was usually only one or two songs on an album that were in fact good enough to remember.

When this new album, ‘Honky Chateau’ was released in 1972, I got hold of it at around the same time the big hit from the album was starting to garner airplay on the radio stations.

That big hit was the fabulous ‘Rocket Man’.

Again, this was also a case of enjoying nearly every song on the album, and in fact, today’s featured song, ‘Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters’ became my favourite song from the album.

This album was the first in a long string of albums that would top the charts in the U.S. and also around the World.

It was also Elton’s first album where his ‘touring’ band played on every song.

That touring band comprised Dee Murray on bass guitar, and Nigel Olsson, these two from English band The Spencer Davis Group. To that, Elton added new band member Davey Johnstone on lead guitar.

This album also marked Elton’s move into a more rock oriented phase of his music.

Besides ‘Rocket Man’, the other hit from this album was in fact his first rock hit, ‘Honky Cat’.

Elton was a gifted talent and combined with the lyrics of Bernie Taupin, they were prolific around this time, and albums flowed quite regularly, and most of those albums went straight to Number One.

The big song from that album is ‘Rocket Man’, and this second clip featured today is the album version of that song.

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