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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

The Labor Party in the title is the Australian Labor Party, the Party currently forming a minority Government at the Federal level. They also controlled every State and Territory Government in Australia as well. They lost government in WA, they almost lost in South Australia, after having a comfortably large margin. They lost in Victoria, and in the most recent election in new South Wales, they lost in the largest political landslide in the Country’s history. There is an election due in Queensland early in 2012, and there is the distinct possibility that they will lose there also. The Labor Party in Australia is almost identical in every respect with the Democratic Party in the U.S…..TonyfromOz.

The latest polling figures from South Australia show that Labor’s brand is bust almost everywhere:

The latest Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Australian from April to this month, has the Liberal opposition still well ahead, 54 to 46 per cent on two-party-preferred terms, 15 months since the Rann government won re-election for a third term…

The Liberals, on 40 per cent, retain a comfortable primary support lead over Labor, on 30 per cent. The Nationals remain on 1 per cent, the Greens on 14 per cent and other parties and independents on 15 per cent.

A primary vote of just 30 per cent?

Does Labor understand how fatally it’s split its base between urban “progressives” and blue collar voters, particularly with its global warming obsession – a cause that would sacrifice the poor to the pagan earth gods of the pampered?

Check Labor’s results around the country:


Newspoll has Julia Gillard’s Labor at a dreadful 45 to 55 of the two-party preferred vote. Nielsen says it’s even worse – 41 to 59 per cent, with Labor pulling just 27 per cent of the primary vote.


Newspoll in May had the LNP with a huge 60-40 lead over Anna Bligh’s Labor.


Tasmanian polling outfit EMRS in May had the Liberals on 48 per cent, Labor on just 25 per cent and the Greens on 22 per cent. The Greens could even replace Labor as the major party of the Left.

Western Australia

April’s Newspoll had Labor miles behind Colin Barnett’s Liberals, 43 per cent to 57 after preferences.

New South Wales

The state election had Labor winning just 36 prer cent of the preferred vote, to the Liberals’ 64.

Victoria is the only state where Labor remains vaguely competitive, but even there it lost last year’s state election – by a single vote.


Gerard Henderson:

Labor’s dilemma is that a carbon tax/ETS upsets its traditional supporters in the suburbs and regions, who are worried about power bills and secure employment, while not satisfying the inner-city left, who are relatively secure financially and want to see most or at least some of Australia’s coal industry phased out. Needless to say, such a position does not go down well in Queensland’s Bowen Basin, the Hunter and Illawarra regions in NSW, Victoria’s La Trobe Valley or in Western Australia.

This is a story that some journalists miss. In December 2009 The Age’s Tim Colebatch predicted that Abbott’s position on the ETS was “the worst threat to Coalition unity in our lifetime”.

Colebatch was absolutely right, with the exception of just a single word. It’s Labor unity that is now destroyed.  Proof, incidentally, that journalists too often confuse the world as they believe it should be with how it actually is.

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