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Today’s music video is ‘Old Cape Cod’ from Patti Page.

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Just how good is it to revisit an old song like this.

When Patti Page made it into a Monster hit, in 1957, I was six, but I remember the tune from then somewhere back in my head. Have you ever noticed how it’s like that with old songs you liked that were hits.Old music is like that. Every time one of them is played, it takes you back to where you were around the time it was that original hit.

You can look back from today at old movies, and as good as those good ones were, the acting seems somewhat stilted when compared to acting from current movies. However, when it comes to old songs, it’s not like that. Close your eyes so you don’t notice the old style clothing, and the music, the lyrics and the singer shine right through.

This song was just so good, that over the years it has been revived numerous times.

In 1976 Bette Midler revived it and it was a hit again. Anne Murray has also made it a hit.

It has been placed into movie soundtracks over the years, and in 1997, the English Dance/Electronic/Techno outfit Groove Armada sampled it for their very cool ‘At The River’, and it was huge again on the Dance scene.

The song was written by Claire Rothrock, Allan Jeffrey, and Milton Yakus.

Patti Page made it into a huge hit in 1957 in the middle of her huge career. She had 5 Number One hits in that career, and another 21 Top Ten hits. In all, Patti sold over 100 million records, a staggering feat.

Many of the songs Patti Page made into huge hits over the years have been re recorded over the years by numerous other artists.

As good as they are and as recent as they have been released, it’s always good to have a listen to the original every so often.

For those of you who prefer up to date versions, the Groove Armada song ‘At The River’ from 1997 is very well done, sampling Patti’s original vocals over some very smooth backing and a wonderful sax.

This video is just that song with images overlaid for the video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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