MSM Gone Mad

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It would truly appear that the MSM has gone mad…during a time when the economic numbers from every possible angle continue to come in below expectation we have two stories dominating the news. First CNN’s Headline News spends all day covering the Casey Anthony murder trial while the rest of the MSM is dedicating more resources to searching the former Alaska Governors’ email than to reporting on the ongoing economic disaster or the various natural disasters within the country.

I mean seriously folks, we have rising unemployment numbers, a jobs figure that came in more than 100,000 jobs short of expert expectations, housing prices that have again dropped another 4% (except in the Washington D.C. area where they went up again??), the Dow Jones completed a 5th straight week of losses and began this week losing ground again and the Fed has decided to stop buying Treasury Bonds…these are all big HOLY CRAP issues by themselves but together along with the deficit projections, and debt ceiling crisis signal that the government and country needs some focus so why are we instead spending a ridiculous amount of time covering the murder trial of a little girl or the review of emails of Sarah Palin…simple, the MSM aren’t ready to turn on their saviour and hero, President Barrack Obama.

The MSM are so invested in this guy and so in the tank for him that they just can’t help themselves when they can cover a heart wrenching trial about a beautiful little girl possibly killed by her mother on TV for 8 hrs a day six days a week instead of the having to somehow defend this President’s record as the bad news just keeps on coming, while Sarah Palin’s emails are just the sort of diversionary red meat that they’ve been waiting for. I’m sure if they go through 24,000 emails they’ll find something that can be taking out of context but really folks is this what we want to read about or have dominate the nightly news casts?

I’m not sure when we say when but it’s time to pull the plug on nonsense news and demand better. Demand to know what the government is doing to remain focused like a laser on the economy as the President promised during the State of the Union address or demand to know what the strategy for success is in the now 3 wars the US is involved in or why they decided to continue using drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen? Demand to know what your elected officials are doing to improve your lives not what dirt they can find or what tearful trial they can throw at you to distract you from their failures as journalists to provide you with accurate and fair reporting on the President, his administration and the economy in general.

If the MSM won’t change we the viewers and reading public will leave you behind so good luck with your email search and your show trials that exploit cute little girls that have been murdered because we want Edward R. Murrow back while you can keep Nancy Grace.

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