Why Is Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Terrified To Meet A Sceptic?

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Global warmists are terrified of debate. No warming activist or Labor minister has agreed to come on The Bolt Report to discuss their claims. Almost no global warming scientists here will agree to debate sceptical ones. Global warming prophet Al Gore refuses interviews with more sceptical journalists. ABC warmists lobbied against the screening by the ABC of The Great Global Warming Swindle. And now this:

PARLIAMENTARIANS from Julia Gillard down appear ready to give the cold shoulder to Czech President Vaclav Klaus, an outspoken climate change sceptic, when he visits Australia next month.

Mr Klaus, a critic of the theory of human-caused global warming, will attend a series of seminars organised by the Institute of Public Affairs think tank.

He has said other politicians will not offer their views on climate change because “a whip of political correctness strangles their voices”.

If the truth is so clearly on the side of the warmists, why this fear of debate? Wouldn’t they welcome the chance to show up the sceptics? Humiliate then, live on television?

The warmists’ fear of debate tells you everything about the shakiness of their theories. And how unsure they are themselves of their own case.


Save The Planet! Kill A Camel

Being considered by the Gillard Government is a plan to tackle global warming by killing camels:

The methodology involves the removal of feral camels with the emissions reduction benefit based on the difference between the estimated age of the animal at removal and the predicted average age of natural mortality. There are four main activities of feral camel removal that will result in emissions reductions under the methodology.

Er, exactly who or what are these extremists saving the planet for? Is everything that farts now facing a bullet?

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