The Latin American Invasion of the United States

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By Richard Brodie

A catastrophe is happening to our country, despite our best efforts to deny that it is happening. The situation is this: Latin America, a dysfunctional colossus that has always dwarfed us in size and population, is expanding its territory through the uncontrolled migration of millions of its inhabitants. In doing this it is moving the northern border of Mexico, in effect if not in name, further northwards into the United States.

On our side of the border one hears talk only of “immigration”. Political correctness and denial on the grandest scale mask the true magnitude of the crisis, which is an historic war of two civilizations for control of territory that the United States is in the course of losing to Latin America in the most spectacular fashion. Indeed, our condescending tendency to be dismissive of Latin America generally is working to our own terrible disadvantage. The truth is that unless this “immigration” is taken for the invasion that it is, the social, political, and linguistic makeup of the United States will be permanently altered by the expanding Hispanic giant, never again to return to its former state.

The manner in which Latin America is achieving its conquest, community by community, is through sheer force of numbers, that is, through a high birthrate and through unchecked migration. If to the current legal Hispanic population of fifteen percent of the total U.S. population is added the current and expanding illegal population of twenty million or so (twenty million people is a figure that exceeds the current legal population of all the Rocky Mountain States combined!), Hispanics are now by far the second largest and fastest growing group in the country. In itself this might not be of concern if it were not for one fact: that unlike any other immigrant group in our history, an increasing percentage of them are dedicated to promoting their own culture and language at the expense of ours.

As a phenomenon in itself, the invasion, still in its early stages, is already numerically the largest invasion in world history, an event matched in uniqueness only by the unprecedented—and some would say humiliating—passivity of the host country. Latin America (population: 550 million)—with its endemic poverty, corruption, and exploding birthrate—is invading and defeating the United States (population: 300 million), one of the world’s most successful and dynamic societies that nevertheless has a declining birthrate and population numbers that are only slightly more than half those of its uncontrolled adversary.

Is it too far-fetched to speak of “conquest” in the context of this invasion, as is actually the language of the more zealous of the Hispanic partisans who boast of a Spanish-speaking empire eventually extending from the tip of Chile to the northern tip of Alaska? Not at all! The very nature of a democracy ensures that conquest is indeed a possibility! For, logically speaking, a democratic entity can be considered “conquered” at the exact point in any given area where a non-assimilating foreign culture reaches an electoral majority, i.e., fifty percent of the electorate plus one voter. This very achievable figure has already been achieved at the local level with extraordinary speed and ease in many parts of the American southwest, and in a very few years may be a reality at the state level in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. In theory, at least, if the fifty-percent-plus-one-voter level were ever achieved nationally, They the Invaders would become We the People, and the United States would legally be their country, not ours! It would be at this point that the new majority would legally and democratically be able to begin the process that they in reality have already begun regionally, namely, of re-shaping the country in any way they want. For, in a democracy, a voting majority of citizens who are loyal to a foreign culture and language are just as absolutely a foreign power as is a conquering army from another country with foreign uniforms and guns!

One asks: if conquest is theoretically achievable through the democratic process, is the actual loss of our sovereignty really a prospect? Answer: just do the math! In every physical aspect Latin America is expanding while we are contracting, with that trend accelerating with every passing year. Given this trend, if it is not reversed, a loss of sovereignty becomes a question not of if but when. For the sad truth is that democracy, when stripped of our sentimental regard for it, is by definition nothing more than a vehicle for expressing the will of a majority, regardless of the makeup, integrity, or national origin of that majority. And there is nothing in the nature of a democracy to prevent a majority from ruling any given minority under its jurisdiction with absolute distain, or even tyranny. If early signs in the newly Hispanic-dominated areas are any indication of the future, with their youth gangs and their inclination to vote for socialist/welfare-state-style dispensations and handouts from local governments, the fate that the current American public could expect under the yoke of its newly and democratically elected Hispanic masters could very well be that of an exploited minority that through government fees and taxation would be milked for every cent that it is worth. For it is in the nature of human conquest that a conqueror not only acquires territory, but that he also exacts tribute.

None of this is inevitable if we choose to take action. Below are some proposals, some of which may sound draconian and others naïve. But all of them are achievable. The American public is apathetic, apathy being the status quo for most people at most periods in history. But the price for apathy today is to surrender our very existence as a nation and as a people.

Build a barrier along the entire 2000 miles of our southern border and place our military there to patrol it.

An impenetrable physical barrier must be built along the entire border with Mexico! Any shorter barrier will not work. (In the 1930s, fearing a German invasion, the French built the “impenetrable” Maginot Line, a massive fortification along its entire border with Germany, a barrier that the Germans simply neutralized by going around it and invading France through Belgium, proving [as if it need proving!] that half-closed doors don’t work)! The patrolling of the border would be accomplished with newly constructed bases of Army and/or National Guard troops. In this way patrol of the border would be paid for as a part of basic training.

Repeal Section One of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Few people realize that the United States, thanks to Section One of the Fourteenth Amendment, is now the only western democracy that grants citizenship to anyone born within its borders! In every other western country a newborn baby assumes the nationality of its parents. Section One is an anomaly in our history. It was made a part of the Fourteenth Amendment after the American Civil War to guarantee that former slaves received citizenship. It is constitutionally unnecessary today. Repealing the relevant wording would eliminate the pry bar that allows aliens by the millions to gain illegal admission into this country for themselves and for their extended families.

Prosecute employers who hire illegal aliens.

A serious and methodical campaign of indicting law-breaking employers will get the message through to employers generally. Employers who exploit illegal labor will naturally protest the new toughness. These protests should be ignored just as those of any special interest groups should be ignored when the national welfare is at stake.

Declare English the national language of the United States.

All the world’s bi- and multi-lingual countries are ethnically and linguistically partitioned, in fact if not with barriers, Canada and Switzerland being only two of many examples. Only people with a complete ignorance of history (and a deficit of common sense!) would allow a nation with one mother tongue to accept the disaster of a second additional one, especially when that first mother tongue—English—is the richest and most varied in the world. We would do well to remember that the curse of the tower of Babel was indeed a curse. Multiple languages divide, a single mother tongue unites.

Revoke sanctuary status for all cities and governmental entities and enforce all existing immigration laws.

The words “legal” and “illegal” are antonyms, not synonyms. The concept of sanctuary in the term “sanctuary cities” implies sanctuary from the law! Hence the current absurd situation where cities—legal entities—are sanctifying lawlessness! All people within the country should be subject to inquiry as to their legal status by law enforcement at any time, and all illegal aliens should be subject to deportation, or—in the event of repeated illegal entry into the country—imprisonment. So-called compassion in our society has all too thoroughly been allowed to degrade into permissiveness; it cannot be allowed to further degrade into anarchy.

Teach patriotism in the schools again.

Patriotism—the love of country—is a natural and healthy sentiment (patriotism is not the same as nationalism, which is the bullying form of patriotism!). The love of one’s country is an extension of the love of one’s community, which itself is an extension of one’s love of one’s family and friends. Patriotism is a country’s self-esteem. Without patriotism a country will not defend itself. Neither will its citizens have respect for authority or for their fellow citizens.

Celebrate other cultures, but not “multiculturalism.”

Multiculturalism—and the elimination of national borders—are historically two of the major tenets of Marxism. The goal of Marxism, despite all the propagandistic vocabulary of “liberation from oppression”, “power to the people”, etc., envisions the eventual elimination of all cultural identities, with the world’s masses coming under the control of a single world government. It is—along with Nazism and Islamic jihadism—one of the most perfect recipes for totalitarian rule and human misery ever devised.

Expose the historical Mexican claim to the American southwest for the lie that it is.

Throughout history ownership of a region has been determined by first occupancy. With the exception of some Spanish missions and a few small settlements on the California Coast, the people we now call Mexicans never occupied the American southwest. The first occupants or aborigines, as is universally known but now conveniently forgotten, were the sparsely numbered North American Indian tribes, e.g. the Navajos, Comanches, Apaches, Zunis, Chumash, Utes, Paiutes, Hopis, et al., who never co-mingled with the Aztecs, Zapotecs, and Mayans 1000-2000 miles to the south [the Commanches owned what is now northern Mexico well after the Mexican Revolution until they were defeated by the Mexican army in the late nineteenth century]. The second wave of occupants were the American pioneers from the eastern part of the United States. The people we call Mexicans today, whether of Hispanic or Mexican-Indian origin, never settled in the American southwest. Indeed, in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and in most parts of non-coastal California, Latinos have not been present in any numbers until the last fifty years, where they have come mainly as laborers. In spite of this, Mexico uses ancient claims from Spanish royalty on our territory to rationalize their invasion in what amounts to an undeclared state of war.

What to do? Write your congressmen, tell your friends, and above all convey to all our spineless leaders that they might actually win votes by calling for the immediate militarization and fortification of, above all, our southern border. Catering to the Hispanic vote will only insure increased illegal immigration and make the eventual Hispanic domination of our country a self-fulfilling prophesy. It is important to remember that tyranny—and not democracy—is the norm throughout history, and that human society, without vigilance, will always tend to regress to tyranny.

With the dual forces of fundamentalist Islam and world Marxism loudly calling for our destruction, with Spanish-speaking (and increasingly dysfunctional and Marxist!) Latin America coveting and acquiring our territory, with increasing anarchy generally, and—most terribly—with the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the United States has never been more threatened. Basic common sense demands action. Let us take that action! Secure our borders! Contributor Richard Brodie graduated with a B.A. in English from UC Berkeley. For most of his life since then he has been a freelance artist and writer.

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