How Dare This TV Ad Tell Such Lies?

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Count the lies in this one still from the ad in which Michael Caton and Cat Blanchett tell us to say “yes” to Julia Gillard’s carbon dioxide tax:

– No, our skies aren’t black with soot.

– No, this tax won’t clear the skies.

– No, this isn’t about carbon but carbon dioxide.

– No, that power station isn’t in Australia, but Britain.

– No, it won’t be closed by Gillard’s tax, not least because it’s closed already.

– No, not one power station in this country pumps out black soot like this.

How can such a lying ad by show by people demanding we “respect the science”?

TonyfromOz adds…..

The power plant shown is not in Australia, but the now closed Battersea Power Station in London. The plant is long since closed, and is a famous London icon. It was famously used in 1977 on the cover of the album ‘Animals’ from the huge band Pink Floyd, shown at right . They strung a huge inflatable pig between the towers, and it famously got loose, drifting into the air lanes over London, probably an indicator as to that old adage about pigs flying, something that could be applied to this debate about placing ‘a price on Carbon’.


Now this is more like it.

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