Libya – Moral To The West’s Emboldened Rivals: Just Carry A Big Gun

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

NATO’s ineffectual war in inconsequential Libya drags on into stalemate

Libya’s rebel forces need their international allies to supply them with more weapons if they are to make a breakthrough in their fight against Muammar Gaddafi, rebel leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil said on Thursday… The fighting has reached a stalemate, with the government in control of the capital and most of western Libya, while the rebels hold Benghazi and other towns in the oil-producing east.

Meanwhile in the lynchpin of Syria, worse outrages go uncountered:

A Geneva-based jurists’ group said troops have killed 700 people and rounded up thousands while indiscriminately shelling towns during the nearly two-month crackdown, the biggest challenge to Assad’s 11-year authoritarian rule.

Still, the Libyan disaster has helped to expose how weak some NATO partners have allowed themselves to become, hiding behind a US which is itself now weakening:

NATO’s secretary-general says the alliance’s Libyan operation has made plain a growing gap in military technology between the United States and other members.

In a speech in Washington Thursday, Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that aspects of the Libyan operation could not have been carried out without U.S. technology. He cited drones, surveillance equipment and precision weapons.

Noting the declining military budgets of some NATO allies, he said he is worried that European allies risk falling behind.

Meanwhile, the US is being drained of precisely what it no longer has to spare, as a key objector to this folly now points out:

US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said on Thursday the air war in Libya has cost the United States roughly $750m to date, more than initially anticipated by the Pentagon.

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