A Mother’s Response to ‘The Screwed Generation’ + Video

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Alan, thanks for another good column.* I enjoy your writing.

In the 2008-09 college year my daughter was 18 and her first time ever voting was for Obama.

About the third semester after the 2008 election when the college students were receiving any funds left from that semester’s tuition bill. This “refund” sometimes can be over three thousand dollars if the student did an early withdrawal from a course.

Apparently some of the new college voters believed Obama promised that they would not have to payback their college loans, and went on shopping sprees with the money instead of putting it aside for the next semester’s tuition bill.

Sadly enough it is almost three years later and they still do not realize how screwed they are…and the campaign lies, dreams and fake promises have started all over again.

When Barack Obama spoke at a Middle School in Virginia a few months ago, he asked that lawmakers have a bill ready for him before the start of the 2011-2012 school years. One that he could sign to help start revamping our whole school system. I expect some big campaign promises to be included in this bill.

My suggestion is this: Let’s say good-bye to the Obama, who believes our Constitution is a blind spot, a fundamental flaw, that continues in our culture.

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to paraphrase:
It’s the Cast Iron Pot Calling the Stainless-Steel Kettle Black!

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