Superman Goes All Obama

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Who does Superman think he is? Barack Obama?

Superman is giving up his American citizenship in the latest issue of the comic book series.
The 900th issue by DC comics has the superhero in Tehran standing in support of protesters demonstrating against their government. His action causes the Iranian government to believe he was sent there by the White House.

When presidential advisers express their disapproval, Superman decides he will renounce his U.S. citizenship at the UN while affirming his desire to fight crime from a global perspective.

“I’m tired of having my actions construed as instruments of U.S. policy,” declares the cartoon crime fighter.

His proclamation, though, is somewhat doubtful since Superman came from the alien planet of Krypton and was “adopted” by a Kansas family.

Ashamed of being an agent overseas of supposed US policy… Sounds exactly like some president we know, too scared of seeming too American in the war in Libya:

From the outset, (Barack Obama) has stressed that his military would play a collaborative and not a lead role in what his aides often referred to as a “humanitarian mission” in Libya.

He made sure that Nato assumed leadership as soon as was feasibly possible…

American weaponry and logistical backbone may be indispensable to the effort to remove Col Gaddafi, but Mr Obama, the most recognisable politician in the world, does not want an American face on a third assault on a Muslim country in a decade…

The mission’s rushed planning was based on an easy win, but the chosen means of air strikes and sanctions have proved insufficient to achieve the stated end of overthrowing Col Gaddafi.

Now that the conflict has quickly reached a stalemate, Mr Obama, for all his reticence, may well at some point be forced to admit that the only solution is to apply yet more of America’s unmatched military might.

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