Error on BC?

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                    LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D.

Wednesday – April the 27th, 2011  2000Hrs; m.s.t. (Arizona)
Email Briefing Bulletin:                      FLASH TRAFFIC – – FLASH TRAFFIC

Below is information received by me under the date and time mentioned above.  It was sent from a researcher with a stellar history of careful postings and research, not prone to sensationalism, and mindful of the need for integrity.  He sent the below informationalong to me asking that I review and then pass the same along to those who have been researching and attempting to reach the truth on issues surrounding Mr. Obama’s Birth Certificate, and records and matters related thereto. 

Please follow the directions below and then make your own determination.  I have changed nothing associated with the email message below, but I DID REDACT identifiers of both the researcher who sent this to me, and a computer “I.T.” expert who reviewed the birthcertificate submitted for the public to view by the White House.

I pray the below message and material is not a hoax, and I pray Mr. Obama did not try another “dodge” to avoid running straight into a wall of truth built by questions from around the country by those who are dismissed as “birthers.” 

Sentinel Intelligence Services, LLC
Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist

Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment

Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst

Try this at home:

1. Go to:
2. Click ‘select’ (the little arrow thingy), put a box around the text in standard Adobe. Right click mouse. Choose “Copy Image”.
3. Paste into standard Microsoft Word. See what shows up.

I‘ve been building, configuring and programming computers since windows 1.0.. which was only out for two months before the less ‘buggy’ 1.1 was released.. eighteen years ago.  I say this so you understand … I know ‘boxes’ inside and out. I looked at the layers making up this ‘doc’. It is a very poor job… in fact, so bad that it makes me wonder… as I’d think he’d have better resources. There are 16 year olds that could run circles around me.

Also, I’ve been on this eligibility issue since 8 07 when Phillip Berg sent me his ‘proof’ before he filed it. I know most of the original players, personally.  I’m also a paralegal, and mostly dealt with Crown, wheat and Constitutional law. I’d love nothing better than to see this sob taken out of Our Oval office in chains. And given a thorough 1950’s ass whipping on the way out.
However, once he took the oath… impeachment is the proper remedy. Then during the house charging investigation, the issues of perjury, treason in time of war, fraud and the rest would be included on the charging instrument. Once convicted by the Senate… and shown.. he could not hold office, every law signed by him.. every executive order, would all be made null and void.
My opinion? I think this amateur (sp)  attempt at forgery.. is cannon fodder* to take the real issue.. i.e. his British National father.. out of the spot light.

* editor’s note: This subterfuge can also be called a “smoke screen”. In addition to the authors listed issue, I think this is to take us citizens attention and energies off other issues than are more devastating to us as individuals and as a country.
For example: Obama, and his minions, smothering National Debt; the ill conceived “Health Care”; the devaluation of our dollar; the very real and imminent possibility of the lose of our US Dollar as the world standard (plus the 4 DIGIT inflation that is certain to follow), purposely keeping us chained to others for our oil instead of drilling here and drilling NOW!!!
All these are too scary to ignore.
We have well researched, truthful, comprehensive articles on all these items here at PA Pundits – International.