Recent Energy and Environmental News – 4/25/11

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr.

I have a rare few minutes, so here are some articles that might be of value to you:

Some recent energy articles of interest —

The Stuart Young wind report, partly funded by the environmental organization  John Muir Trust, is another item you should add as an objective source of information that is critical of wind energy
It shows, yet again, that wind energy is a high cost, low benefit option, and that industry claims are rarely met. Kudos to the John Muir Trust which has been a rare voice of reason in the cacophony of self-serving political noise coming from the environmental community.

“A Reality Check for Wind Energy Investors” is a good article written by an energy experienced attorney and CPA. Read through the comments and his good responses to those:

“Major wind farm canceled over FWS bird strike concerns”
A good (very short) New Scientist video about how turbines kill bats <<>>. Combine that with this

What happens when fantasies like wind energy collide with reality?   <<>>.

Two more states’ RPS mandates have been studied and found seriously wanting:

1 – Ohio <<’s-alternative-energy-mandates-will-keep-its-economy-in-a-slump/>>, and
2 – Minnesota <<’s-renewable-energy-mandate-will-damage-state-economy-with-little-to-no-benefit-to-environment/>>.

A very worthwhile radio interview with activists in Minnesota <<>>.

An interesting article about how wind turbines are no longer all the rage in Denmark

This is very good news, from a credible source: “The US WIll Build Five Nuclear Reactors by 2020”

Some recent global warming articles of interest —

900+ Peer Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism about AGW

An organization’s commendable efforts to have constructive, non-partisan solutions to global warming and energy issues
“Research on Forecasting for the Manmade Global Warming Alarm”

Bill O’Reilly talks about proposed US government cuts, especially the money for “Climate Control”

Supreme Court Hears the extremely important CO2 Emission Case <<>>.

A recent article of general interest —

A short video talking about the debt situation with the US government

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