Sunday Music – Fields Of Gold

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Today’s music video is ‘Fields Of Gold’ from Eva Cassidy.

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Eva Cassidy passed away in 1996, aged only 33.

She had produced one album, in 1992, which was virtually unheard of outside of her home and where she performed in clubs, in Washington DC.

In late 2000, one of her songs was played on radio in the UK, and there were numerous requests for the song.

From there, her career took off, almost five years after her death.

10 albums of her songs have since been produced, three of them going to Number One on the album charts in the UK.

This song ‘Fields Of Gold was from her biggest selling album, ‘Songbird’, released in 1998, again, almost unheralded until it was picked up in the UK, when it took off.

This is a song written by Sting, and Eva’s haunting voice makes this song just so much better then the original.

AS she passed away long before her songs started to chart, there are virtually no clips of her performing any of her songs live, so this is just a compilation of images overlaid over this wonderful song.

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