10 Green States, Hanging On A Wall, But If One Green State Were To Accidentally Fall

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard last month claimed we had to back her carbon dioxide tax if we wanted to keep up with the rest of the world:

Already 32 countries have emissions trading schemes. 10 American states do as well. They haven’t waited for action at the national level, they are acting themselves.

Er, they are? In fact, those 10 states could soon be just seven:

The goal of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is to make polluters pay while raising millions of dollars for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects…

But now, some lawmakers in three states – New Hampshire, Maine, and New Jersey – want to get out of RGGI

Legislation to repeal New Hampshire’s participation in RGGI recently passed the house, but has yet to pass the Senate…

Critics of the program point out that New Hampshire, New Jersey and New York diverted some of that RGGI revenue to fill their budget gaps…

In Maine, Republican Senator Tom Saviello is sponsoring a bill that would withdraw his state from RGGI.

“We need to ask this question, number one do we want to put the extra cost on our electricity, and number two if these energy efficient projects are that good, which everybody says they are, well then a business should be willing to put their own money into it, why should we be subsidizing that…

New Jersey’s Governor is also talking about withdrawing from RGGI… Anthony Leiserowitz, with the Yale University Project on Climate Change, says if New Jersey steps out it could deal a death blow to RGGI.

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