A Hole In The Argument

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Remember that monster hole in the Ozone Layer back in the early 80’s. Remember how we were told that the huge size of that hole was going to lead to vastly more skin Cancers. Remember how we spent Billions changing things. We had to remove them from all airconditioning units, and then design new units for the new gas. Remember how virtually every spray product had to be redesigned for the new gas. Remember even how asthmatic kids were villified for using their ‘puffer’ inhalers. Remember how after those billions were spent and the hole gradually depleted, and we were told what a great victory this was.

Well, that was more than twenty years back now.

Those same people are the ones who are now telling us that CO2 is causing massive Climate Change/Global Warming.

That hole in the Ozone layer is back, and it’s bigger than ever. It can’t be those CFC’s we were told was the cause because they have been gone for decades now.

Gee, and we’re being sucked in again, this time with CO2 emissions….TonyfromOz

February 11: Good Environment says if we could unite to fix the ozone hole, we can also unite to tackle global warming:

Remember, it was in 1989 that world leaders got serious about combating ozone depletion, and successfully negotiated the Montreal Protocol, an international treaty to phase out ozone-depleting chemicals.

In the world international climate negotiations, The Montreal Protocol process is often held up as a success story, an example of how international environmental diplomacy works. It’s important to remember, though, that solving ozone depletion basically meant forcing industry to find chemical replacements for CFCs. A tough sell for pro-business political forces, but a relatively easy fix. Solving the climate crisis involves an entire economy-wide shift in energy production.

March 6: Uh oh:

DEPLETION of the ozone layer over the Arctic has reached record levels, the UN weather agency WMO says, blaming harmful substances in the atmosphere and a very cold winter.

Blames a very cold winter? Seems we might be safer if it got warmer, after all.

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