Sarah Palin To Support Obama’s 2012 Re-Election Campaign

Posted on Thu 03/31/2011 by


Judging by early indications, the biggest asset of the Barack Obama 2012 re-election committee is that darling of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin.

More than anyone else out there, Palin is working hard every day to help make sure that Obama is elected to another term as Commander-In-Chief.

Right about now, those of you that are Obama supporters are wondering “What’s this guy talking about? Why haven’t we heard this?”

While the members of the Tea Party are taking up a collection so that I can receive some psychiatric help.

However, before you get out your wallets, ask yourselves a question.

The question is: Will Sarah Palin be nominated by the Republican Party to be their 2012 Presidential candidate?

Alright, those of you who answered NO, give yourselves a pat on the back as well as a gold star for accepting reality.

Having settled that question, it stands to reason that Sarah Palin will be the Tea Party candidate in 2012.

The next step, before you start printing up Palin For President bumper stickers is to get out your history books and turn to the page featuring this man:

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