Two URGENT Matters

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr.

US citizens are faced with two extremely significant legislative matters. Please read this very carefully and pass it on to ANYONE who is concerned about energy and environmental matters:

1 The US Senate will likely vote THIS WEEK on stopping the EPA’s global warming power grab. The importance of this can not be overstated. Here is a sample article about this major issue <<>>.

Go here (<<>>) to fill out a simple form to send to your representatives to support the McConnell Amendment, which would restrict EPA’s unwarranted and unscientific intrusions. It will only take two minutes, so please do this right now.
2 The US Senate Energy Committee has just issued a white paper about a proposed Clean Energy Standard (CES) — something that may profoundly affect the future of things like wind energy in the US. The status of things is that they are now having a two week public comment period.

They are looking for inputs on six aspects of this proposed measure. Reading over the white paper I am encouraged that they are at least asking some good questions. As such we need to submit intelligent responses.

Since I am advocating the Big Picture approach, my strategy is going to respond to the Executive Summary part only (and then elaborate a bit on an Additional document). To me the fundamental problem here is with methodology. I’m advocating changing the prior popular slogan of “It’s the Economy, Stupid” to “It’s The System, Stupid!” or “The Process is the Problem”.

Here is the draft version of what I am intending to submit (<<>>). If you have suggestions for improvements, please let me know. In any case please submit your own ideas and comments.

Get all the needed documents here <<>>. The deadline for submittal is April 11th.

Here are some good words about this proposed CES by energy expert Glenn Schleede <<>>.

Thank you for your support.
John droz, jr.

PS — Although the above two items are extremely important, I don’t want to pass up the opportunity to express sadness at the what our Japanese friends are experiencing. There have been many good articles written about the nuclear issue part. Here’s one you probably haven’t seen <<>>.

John Droz, Jr.
Physicist and Environmental Advocate
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