Are You – Or Have You Ever Been – A Sceptic?

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Deputy Opposition leader Julie Bishop attacks the profoundly anti-scientific sloganeering and deceit of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard:

Using one of the cheapest debating tricks in the book, the Prime Minister claimed that she is with the majority in agreeing with every “reputable” scientist in the world on the issue of climate change, and that anyone who dares question whether a carbon tax in Australia will achieve any reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions, is dismissed instantly as a “denier”….

The Prime Minister and her ministers have repeatedly declared that the “science is settled”…

A Nobel Prize-winning scientist told me recently that “science is never settled” and that scientific assumptions and conclusions must always be challenged….

What does the Prime Minister say about the views of the more than 1000 scientists quoted in a report to the US Senate, also tabled at the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun?

It includes comments from Nobel Prize-Winning Stanford University Physicist Dr. Robert B. Laughlin: “Please remain calm: The Earth will heal itself – climate is beyond our power to control . . . Earth doesn’t care about governments or their legislation. You can’t find much actual global warming in present-day weather observations. Climate change is a matter of geologic time, something that the earth routinely does on its own without asking anyone’s permission or explaining itself.”

And comments from legendary atmospheric scientist the late Dr Joanne Simpson, the first woman in the world to receive a PhD in meteorology and formerly of NASA, who authored more than 190 studies and described as one of the most pre-eminent scientists of the last 100 years who said: “Since I am no longer affiliated with any organisation nor receiving any funding, I can speak quite frankly . . . As a scientist I remain skeptical . . . The main basis of the claim that man’s release of greenhouse gases is the cause of the warming is based almost entirely upon climate models. We all know the frailty of models concerning the air-surface system.”

What does Julia Gillard say of UN IPCC Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an award-winning PhD environmental physical chemist who is of the view that: “Warming fears are the worst scientific scandal in the history . . . When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.”

Or US Government atmospheric scientist Stanley B. Goldenberg of the Hurricane Research Division, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration who has challenged the notion of scientific consensus on climate change and claims that: “It is a blatant lie put forth in the media that makes it seem there is only a fringe of scientists who don’t buy into anthropogenic global warming.”

Prime Minister Gillard is not a scientist, yet she feels free to attack and denigrate anyone, and that must include Nobel Prize winning scientists, who holds a view that differs from her own narrow political prism.

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