Top 10 Rejected Obama Mission Names + More Jokes

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Top 10 Rejected Obama Mission Names

Apparently the White House tossed out a number of perfectly good names before arriving at “Operation Odyssey Dawn”:

10.Operation Nine Months In The Senate Didn’t Prepare Me For This
9. Operation Organizing for Libya
8. Operation Double Standard
7. Operation FINE! I’ll Do Something
6. Operation Enduring Narcissism
5. Operation So That’s What the Red Button Does
4. Operation France Backed Me Into A Corner
3. Operation Start Without Me
2. Operation Unlike Bush Wars This One Is Justified Because Hey Look A Squirrel
1. Operation Aimless Fury

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Nothing gets by the deputy.

Actual headline: Deputy: Strip Search Finds Crack Between Buttocks

Nigeria, 1932

Nigeria, 1932


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And now for a cartoon

Supply And Demand
Uh What They Said