Japanese Power Plant Incident – UPDATE 3

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UPDATE 18th March 2011Fukushima – 18 March morning updates, radiation and tsunamis

UPDATE 18th March 2011Fukushima March 18 evening update, Barry Brook on the future of nuclear energy

Again, this is the original information from Professor Doctor Barry Brook of the University of Adelaide, and is shown at his website BraveNewClimate.

So much misinformation is still being brought out from virtually all sections of the media, and again, those media outlets seem more prepared to circulate scaremongering information rather than rational, considered information from people who know the situation, what actually is happening, the results of what is happening and what any future problems there may be.

I am by no means an expert on this situation, and that is why I am including these daily links to an expert who does have his finger on the pulse.

However, I would want to inject a little logic into this discussion, and keep in mind that this from the point of view of a layman.

At the end of World War Two, two atomic devices were exploded in Japan, at Hiroshima and at Nagasaki. I don’t need to tell you that both of those major cities are now thriving metropolises, and that life goes on there.

However, let’s discuss the explosion of those two bombs for a minute.

Weapons grade nuclear material is enriched to typically greater than 98%.

The material used for the generation of electrical power using the nuclear process is enriched typically to a level of around 3 to 5% at the absolute maximum. As those original fuel rods containing the pellets are used in the reaction that is used to boil the water to steam to drive the turbine/generator complex, they also lose enrichment. When that level decays to around 1%, the assemblies of rods containing those pellets are removed from the reactor, and held on site for a further three years. They still hold inherent heat, and after those three years they can then be removed to dry storage, or be sent for reprocessing. The enrichment level has decayed to around 0.7%, which is incidentally, the same level as for the ore that exists in the ground, prior to be processed for the nuclear fuel.

Now for the logic bit.

What you need to keep in context here is that knowledge about the effects of nuclear radiation at that time was totally non existent, but that’s not the point here, because now, we are well aware that health effects from radiation are indeed quite hazardous.

Those two nuclear explosions at the end of the War released huge amounts of radiation, vastly more than what may or even may not be released from this incident at Fukushima.

Let’s then pretend that vast amount of radiation that was released from those nuclear explosions drifted on the wind across to the West Coast of the U.S. then there would have been health hazards occurring at that time of the end of the War.

Those health problems include Cancers and other diseases associated with exposure to radiation.

Had any clusters of those Cancers or associated diseases occurred in the interim, they would have been very well documented, and the cause ‘chased down’ and identified.

No such health anomalies have cropped up in that time, so I might suggest that any radiation from this current incident will in now way whatsoever have any impact in the U.S.

Keep in mind that with the way health reporting is now, any associated diseases would have shown up long before now.

This is a complete beat up by a media only more than willing to get their information from movies like ‘The China Syndrome’, a media that is prepared to paint the worst possible scenario that they can imagine for this incident.

There were no health problems whatsoever associated with the Three Mile Island Accident, and although this accident in Japan is still in a state of flux, people should be striving only to find the most accurate information that they can, and that is why I have been adding these links each day.

Don’t think I’m trying to make light of this situation, because it is still quite serious. However, what is by far more serious is that this horrible Tsunami killed more than 6000 people so far and more than 10000 people are still listed as missing. Half a million people are homeless and have nothing, everything they once owned smashed and washed away. Whole towns have been washed away, and it will cost Billions to return the situation to what will only be a semblance of what it was before.

That is the real tragedy in all of this.

In Japan, people are working around the clock to try and contain this incident. We should all fervently hope that things get back to normal again, and as soon as possible but after something as devastating as this Tsunami, I can’t imagine if things will ever be the same again.

For those arriving here to read this for the first time, I will also include all those links to the earlier Posts from Professor Brook, and they are as follows.

It may seem to be a lot of reading, but the information is way more accurate than anything you hear from those mainstream media outlets.

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