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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr.


I promised that I would periodically send you an email when there was something of value. Today is the day…

National Grid

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This is a simply stunning admission about wind energy by the head of the giant utility company, National Grid.

He says forget about the idea of electricity being available when you want it — that’s so yesterday!!!  (See attached.)
This is the type of ammunition that will resonate with ALL CITIZENS, ANYPLACE fighting wind energy. Print it out.

My post about 1603 Grants outlines our position on several key claims by wind lobbyists. Contact your US federal legislators, as all budget matters are still on the table!

Myth of Green Jobs <<>>.

Big Wind: Full of Sound & Fury, Signifying Nothing” is a great critique of the wind industry and AWEA in particular

Spontaneous Order” is one of many insightful op-eds by John Stossel. This one pertains to the energy business

Another good wind related newsletter I should have added to my list is from the friends of Maine’s Mountains. To get on their list, email them at “”.

The Putting Some Balance To It Department —

North Carolina was trying to be one of  the first states to impose rules and regulations on coastal communities due to projected sea level rise (supposedly mostly attributable to AGW). I was asked to weigh in on the science of a study that a state agency had done. The result is a comprehensive two part Report about sea level rise predictions <<>>. Part 1 is an overview observation about methodology used to solve our technical issues, and directly applies to wind energy as well. Note that Part 2 is not finalized yet, so please do not pass it on until I take off the “Draft” title.

The Community Service Department —

Watch this different perspective about what is happening in Egypt <<>>.

See the Sistine Chapel in three-D and zoom in to closely to examine every part <<>>.

Sent to me by a friend. For those concerned about the cost of health care, there are these free services:
Go to an airport — you’ll get a free x-ray and a breast exam, and, if you mention Al Qaeda, you’ll also get a free colonoscopy.

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