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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

I have included this short Post from Andrew to show a small excerpt from the Australian Government Parliamentary sittings. At the start of each sitting day, one hour is set aside for Question Time, when elected Members of Parliament can ask questions of Government Ministers. This question is from Julie Bishop, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, (the Conservative side of politics) and it is directed to the Prime Minister Julia Gillard. The fellow calling order occasionally is the Speaker of the House, and he is from the Labor Government’s side of politics. Note how very carefully the Prime Minister avoids directly answering the question, and how she is not then directed to answer the question, and how the person who has asked that question is then made out to be somehow in the wrong for asking that the question be answered directly…..TonyfromOz.

It is indeed a good question – an important question – and I’d really like an answer from the Prime Minister. I mean, a real answer that addresses the obligation the Government signed up to to give 10 per cent of any “carbon tax” to the United Nations.

TonyfromOz adds…..

Obviously one of two things has happened here. She either knows the answer and is not willing to tell anyone about it, or she has no real clue. If you go and read this earlier Post of mine, it directly addresses how the UN will be getting their ‘hooks’ into any large scale funding that is raised from placing this ‘Price on Carbon’.

The UN And Climate Change – Ten Fateful Words

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