How Many Billions Of This “Carbon Tax” Will Be Hived Off By The UN?

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

An excellent question from Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop (no link):

The Prime Minister today failed to answer a question about the proportion of her carbon tax revenue that will be set aside for the United Nations Green Climate Fund, as agreed by the Australian Government at the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference and reconfirmed at the 2010 Cancun Conference.

In contrast ALP backbenchers have been primed to mislead the public to say that all the carbon tax money will be spent on Australian families.  For example Deborah O’Neil, the Member for Robertson, stated this morning that “ … the main message is that every cent that is raised by a carbon price is going to go back into assisting households with their household bills and that’s what really matters to the people in my electorate.”

In reality, the fact is that in the Report of the Secretary-General’s High-Level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing released on 5 November 2010, but written earlier in the year with the assistance of then Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance – Bob McMullen MP – on behalf of the Australian Government (page 4), it was recommended that: “Based on a carbon price of US$20-US$25 per ton of CO2 equivalent, auctions of emission allowances and domestic carbon taxes in developed countries with up to 10 per cent of total revenues allocated for international climate action could potentially mobilize around US$30 billion annually.” (pages 5-6) …

The question remains.  How much of the carbon tax revenue will be contributed to the UN Fund?

Another question: who committed Australia to an international system that could levy such massive fines on us in we don’t cut our gases by five per cent by 2020, and when do we withdraw from this giant stick-up?:

(The Department of Climate Change) estimates the Coalition plan would force Australia to spend an extra $20 billion buying international carbon permits and would be costing households an extra $720 a year by 2020.

Give $20 billion to whom, precisely? To do what? And who is checking?

How in the world did we sign up to something so stupid?

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