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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Australia announced that her Government was going to introduce legislation to place a ‘price on Carbon’, and the proposed date of its introduction will be July 1st 2012. Despite promising categorically before the recent election, that if elected, any Government she was the Leader of would not be placing this ‘price on Carbon’ during her first term, she completely disregarded that promise, and now, beholden to The Australian Greens Party so she could retain Government from a minority position, she has made this announcement so that she can secure their vote, along with the Independents that she also needs to have ‘in her pocket’ so she can govern, and she needs all their votes to have the Legislation passed through the Parliament…..TonyfromOz.

Left to Right: Tony Windsor (Ind)(Partly Obscured) Senator Christine Milne (Australian Greens Party) Senator Bob Brown (Australian Greens Party Leader) Minister for Climate Change Greg Combet (ALP) Prime Minister Julia Gillard (ALP) Rob Oakeshott (Ind)

Dennis Shanahan on the rabble now ruling Australia, and deciding that what it needs is a great, green and utterly useless tax:

Yesterday’s press conference underlines the difficulties of getting a deal through the both houses of parliament where Labor is in a minority and just hinted at the immense task of convincing the public that rising costs will have an effect on climate change and be worth the cut to household income every week.

Physically blocked out at times by the Greens and independents fronting the microphones in the Prime Minister’s own courtyard, Gillard tried once again to mount the argument for a carbon price as the global answer to a fair and efficient system but was forced to unleash the prospects of a carbon tax on petrol as well as electricity.

At the same time, Gillard could not provide any guarantees on household or industry compensation and could not even guarantee an emissions trading scheme with a flexible price, that is a true carbon market and not just a carbon tax, would be in place by 2020.

Tim Blair:

Seriously. Just look at them.

Terry McCrann:

Gillard’s carbon tax will not only push up electricity prices; it will increase the price of everything.

It sets out to hurt every Australian – to absolutely no point. It can make not the slightest difference to the local climate, far less the global climate.

It purports to cut our emissions of carbon dioxide when we are happily pocketing the billions from selling coal and iron ore to China and the rest of Asia.

Talk about hypocrisy, stupidity and deceit rolled into one.

Putting one hand on heart, Gillard says we have to save the planet by cutting our emissions, while the other hand seeks to grab a bigger share of the profits of the mining companies from helping China double and even triple its emissions.

Oh, and my own take:

YOUR Prime Minister lied six months ago and she lied again yesterday about a useless new green tax that will drive up your power bills.

Last August – just days before the election – Julia Gillard swore blind she would not inflict on us a tax on carbon emissions.

“There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead,” she said.

But yesterday, safely after the election, we saw what her word is worth. With Greens leader Bob Brown grinning triumphantly beside her, Gillard announced that from June 1 next year we would indeed get the tax she’d promised never to introduce.

The public has been deceived, and an election stolen with a false promise.

To compound her shame, Gillard sold her new tax with an analogy as dishonest as her no-tax promise.

Australia could not wait to impose a carbon tax that none of our big competitors have been mad enough to impose themselves, she said.

“If we look at the information technology revolution the reason Bill Gates is such a rich man today is that he got in on the change… The same is true now. This is the time to be pricing carbon.”

Spoken like someone who has never worked a day in business. Gates invented stuff that would make him money. Gillard is inventing a tax that will cost us money.

Gillard is setting an example no one plans to follow, and the climate will not notice. The only thing this tax will change will be our cost of living.

But let’s not yet despair. Gillard’s “deal” yesterday was almost as worthless as her word. The Greens have yet to agree to the level of the new tax, or the compensation to be offered.

Nor is there agreement on exactly when the tax will transition to an emissions trading scheme.

Only one thing is clear – that the world’s temperature has not risen this past decade, after the previous quarter century of warming.

Professor Bob Carter:

It is difficult to decide whether to be more astonished by the scientific ignorance or the political stupidity inherent in today’s announcement by the Prime Minister and her Multi-party Climate Change Committee (MCCC) that a tax on carbon dioxide emissions will be introduced on July 1st, 2012.

The ignorance is displayed in the continual reference to a “carbon” tax in a situation where carbon (as opposed to carbon dioxide) has nothing to do with the issue at hand; plus the continual reference to “pollution”, when carbon dioxide is actually an environmentally beneficial trace gas….

On top of which there is the minor discrepancy that two of the world’s largest emitters (India and USA) have both indicated this year that they will no longer base their climate policy on advice from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Yet that selfsame flawed and partial advice is the sole justification for the multi-party committee’s intended course of action.

Andrew Bolt is a journalist and columnist writing for The Herald Sun in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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