Salesman Flannery Says He’s not Selling the Carbon Tax

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery protests that he’s not a paid salesman of the Gillard Government’s plan for a “price on carbon”:

Contrary to what was written, it is not the Climate Commission’s business to “sell” anything to the public. Our role is to engage people on climate science and the state of international climate change action, and to explain carbon pricing as Australia deals with this problem.

Not selling anything? That will be news to Climate Change Minister Greg Combet, who picked and pays Flannery to do just that. as he outlined in his press release:

The Climate Commission has been established by the Gillard Government to provide an authoritative, independent source of information for all Australians,” he said. “It will provide expert advice on climate change science and impacts, and international action. It will help build the consensus required to move to a clean energy future.”

The Climate Commission would have a public outreach role, he said, to help build greater understanding and consensus about reducing Australia’s carbon pollution.

I’d say it’s perfectly clear that Flannery’s job is to convince us we must “move to a clean energy future” by “reducing Australia’s carbon pollution”, and specifically by putting a “price on carbon” that he’s already called ”indispensable” and ”essential”.

Donna Laframboise is puzzled by another word that Fannery uses – that he’s ”independent”:

Maybe it’s a Canadian thing, but I always thought the word “independent” was one of those straightforward terms. It is, surely, a close cousin to certain other words and phrases:

•lacking in predisposition and preconception
•scrupulously above the fray

When we say someone is independent we definitely do not mean they are conspicuously identified with one side or another in a hotly-contested dispute.

Which is why I’m still scratching my head over last week’s announcement that the Australian government has placed professional climate activist Tim Flannery in charge of a body tasked with providing “independent” climate change information.


Reader Wesley:

I’m not buying what Flannery supposedly isn’t selling.


What Flannery claims he’ll do:

What we need to do is to engage with the Australian public to really increase the quality of understanding of climate science..

But what Flannery actually says:

….any price on carbon will come with a cost.

Note the utterly unscientific, factually incorrect and deeply deceitful language Flannery has used there? No one at all is proposing a “price on carbon”, that black stuff you see in soot, for instance. What is proposed is in fact a “price on carbon dioxide”, the invisible gas that plants need for photosynthesis.

Flannery’s switching of terms is not an accident. It disgraces a true scientist and betrays the propagandist.

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