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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr.

This is a special review. Some of these items have been mentioned before, but there are many who may not have seen the earlier notices.

Our campaign to support scientifically sound solutions for our energy and environmental problems, is really all about educating citizens. The more citizens we get educated, the more likely we will be in getting sensible energy and environmental policies. You can’t have too much education — especially considering the blitz of propaganda that every citizens has been subjected to.

Recommendation #1 —
In that regard, I would strongly recommend that you arrange for a showing of the movie Windfall in your community.

I saw it and it was great: a very effective tool to educate citizens what will happen, and how to stop it. Here is information and a trailer <<>>. This movie has won awards at film festivals (e.g. Toronto and NYC).

To arrange this, email of the producer, Laura Israel, is “” or ““.

Guaranteed to be worthwhile!

Recommendation #2 —
Some other good wind energy related movies are:
Con With the Wind (<<>>).

Recommendation #3 —
For those more heavily involved with fighting the system, I think that the big screen movie, Amazing Grace is very inspiring. What even makes it more powerful is that it is a true story. It’s not about wind energy, but the parallels with what we are fighting today are significant. Rent it at Netflix <<>>.

Recommendation #4 —
Get as many local citizens as possible to look at the first two short videos in my Jane Talks Energy series:

Recommendation #5 —
Once citizens get interested and want to help, have them read What Not To Say, as it outlines the best strategy to take. When we have a chance to speak to our representatives, it is not enough to be enthusiastic, well-intentioned and right! This is a pubic relations matter. See <<>>.

Recommendation #6 —
Get organized. Develop an email list. Network. Reach out to people. A lot of work and ideas have already been developed here, so do not waste time and energy by reinventing the wheel. See WindPowerFacts.Info for many ideas and facts.


John Droz, Jr.
Physicist and Environmental Advocate
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