Wind Farms Cause Far More Damage Than They Fix

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

They are an insult to the intelligence and an outrage on the landscape, and soon they’ll prod enough powerful people into stopping this march of the triffids:

ONE of Australia’s most successful company receivers is taking on the proponents of a $400 million wind farm development that plans to place turbines taller than the Sydney Harbour Bridge overlooking his rural getaway on the NSW southern tablelands.

“It started out as a NIMBY (not in my back yard) issue, but it is now much more than that,” said Tony Hodgson, who co-founded the insolvency specialist Ferrier Hodgson, which has handled some of Australia’s highest-profile corporate collapses…

Hodgson bought his property in Collector, about 30km west of Goulburn, five years ago and said he learned of plans for a 160-megawatt, 80-tower wind farm in October.

He has launched a furious campaign against wind farm proponent Transfield Services, the state government and his absentee neighbour, a Double Bay cafe owner who has agreed to host some of the proposed wind towers in exchange for lease payments estimated at $1m a year for 20 years…

Mr Hodgson has formed a Friends of Collector group to lobby against the development… Mr Hodgson said he did not want the Collector wind farm to go ahead but, if it did, Transfield should be forced to make payments to the local community… He said the company should also be forced to lodge a bond of $200m to cover the cost of decommissioning the wind turbines at the end of their life.

Opponents … also want an inquiry into the environmental and economic value of wind farms …

Bring on that inquiry, and investigate the issue from the ground up. Is global warming really man-made? Is it actually a danger overall? What difference would our wind farms make anyway? Isn’t the visual pollution of wind farms more real and harmful than any warming they allegedly avert? And if we really must slash our gases, aren’t there far cheaper and less harmful ways to do it?

Just look what the rotten things have done to one of my favorite views in Victoria, when you crest the hill at Kilcunda to finally see the great sweep of coast to Wonthaggi:

Wind Farm Near Wonthaggi Victoria


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