New Climate Change Same as the Old Climate Change

Posted on Sat 12/25/2010 by


As the latest Global Warming conference in Cancun, Mexico has just wrapped up almost unnoticed by the main stream media it would appear the name change from Global Warming to Climate Change hasn’t helped, as much of Europe and the East Coast of North America have been continuously pummelled by snowstorms and cold weather while Western Canada was bitterly cold in October and November.

The European newscasters have been too busy talking about airport closures and motorway closures due to snow and ice to cover those sunning themselves in Cancun talking about the fact that the world is going to hell and a hand basket. I also found it rather strange to find out that Al Gore’s front company Generation Investment Management is in full retreat closing offices faster than the Brits can clear snow at Heathrow Airport. His company is all about helping people with the creation of sustainable green jobs and once had offices in 37 states but now only manages locations in 7 states with several more scheduled to close in 2011.

So what began as Global Warming morphed into Climate Change which sounds better when the weather continues to cool but even that’s not cutting it anymore and in the US there’s no hope of getting any legislation through so the Obama administration is quietly abandoning the idea of pushing a Cap and Trade bill through Congress in favor of changing the administrative rules behind the scenes. As if it’s not scary enough that we’ve seen scientists flat out lying about results that don’t match their expected outcomes and that we have governments who can’t legislate change using bureaucrats to do the dirty work but now comes the latest and most effort by the Global Warming crowd to have their way with the world.

Enter GEOENGINEERING, yes it’s time to ignore reality and let scientists fix the problem that scientists can’t yet figure out why or how it’s happening, or if it’s a man made change in our climate or a normal cycle of change but this is really the back to the future method that I wrote about in October 2007 in piece about the Time Magazine cover in the 70’s that spoke about the coming mini-ice age and the scientists of the day’s effort to save us all (

If the scientists of the mid 70’s had had their way they would have used technology to change the existing climate and avoid the predicted coming Ice Age, thankfully they didn’t have the technology and within a few years the earth began to go through a warming period which lasted until the mid-90’s. Today we have several leading global warning scientists advocating the same foolish approach; in Cancun the buzz for this conference was all about geoengineering. “The taboo is broken,” Paul Crutzen, a Nobel Prize-winning atmospheric scientist, told The Associated Press.

Some examples of schemes to solve our warming problem were use aircraft, balloons (maybe they could recruit the balloon boy’s father, Richard Heene as the test pilot?) or use big guns to spread sulphate particles in the lower stratosphere to reflect sunlight, easing the warming scientists say is being caused by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted by industry, vehicles and agriculture. Others suggested assembling several huge mirrors in low orbit to fend off the solar radiation, if you used diamonds you could just get the James Bond screenwriters to work out the details. Still others propose — and a German experiment tried — seeding the ocean with iron, a nutrient that would spur the spread of plankton, which absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide.

From spraying ocean clouds with sea salt to make them brighter and more reflective; to planting vast arid lands with agave, the “tequila plant,” which stores carbon for years and grows where climate-friendly forests can’t; to developing the chemistry and machines to suck in CO2 from the air and store it scientists are increasingly becoming convinced that they can do something to fix the problem. They reason that man created this problem and man can fix it. Thankfully as the last Ice Age melted away they weren’t around to fix the global warming of the day that led to the ability of mankind to not only survive but thrive on this planet.

Now before you think I belong in the loony bin or that I’ve spent too much time on fringe science websites, you should realize that this is moving forward. In September, the U.S. Government Accountability Office recommended in a 70-page report that the White House “establish a clear strategy for geoengineering research” within its science office. A month later, a report from U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon, a Democrat from Georgia who chairs the House Science and Technology Committee, urged the government to consider and fund climate-engineering research “as soon as possible in order to ensure scientific preparedness for future climate events.”

In the 70’s the best science of the day was being used to tell us what we had to do to avoid an Ice Age caused by too pollution and CO2 gasses blocking the suns rays, they were wrong and the planet spent the next 20 yrs warming. Today the best science of the day is being manipulated to tell us that the planet is still warming for the very same reasons except now it’s because those gasses are dissipating and what we have to do to avoid the dreaded 2 degree increase that will wreak havoc and lead to the destruction of mankind but again they are wrong, and the planet has begun to cool again and is returning to the temperatures of the 80’s suggesting that short and long term natural cyclical effect that science has yet to figure out yet these esteemed scientists simply won’t admit that their altering of scientific data is damning to the vast majority of us laypeople. If what they are telling us is true the data should clearly back up their position and show an ongoing increase in temperatures towards the dreaded 2 degree increase yet it doesn’t.

I firmly believe that when it comes to mother nature man is a tiny tiny cog in a huge wheel and we’re in our infancy of understanding why climate changes and what those cycles involve, do we play a part of course we do, but when we had severe cooling during the dark ages it was estimated that we had about 800 million people or less on the planet, we now have 6.8 billion and yet we’ve still seen global cooling and warning at different periods over the 1000 or so years that followed the end of the dark ages. If you believe the global warming theory and that man is the number one reason for that warming (and can therefore reduce our output of green house gases and save the day) then you would have to believe that temperatures would only go up as man increased in population and having moved through the age of industrialization and deforestation throughout Europe, North America and Asia as the human footprint continued to increase yet it hasn’t…why?

This latest effort to get around the facts is the most dangerous yet, if we allow scientist to move ahead with plans to fix the problem we have to ask about the law of unintended consequences. Had those who were convinced in 1973 that an Ice Age was around the corner been capable of taking steps to warm the planet, they would have added or altered the natural warming that we now know took place. Today we have efforts under way to cool the planet when it’s already begun to do that on its own…it’s a shame that politicians and scientists egos are getting in the way of reality. It’s hard to trust people who have already been found to skew data to fit a predicted outcome but I’m also convinced that there are enough true scientists left and more speaking out every day to stop this nonsense and focus on obtaining a better understanding of the earth natural climate change cycles and what if any impact man is having on them but to think we can geoengineering a solution is about as realistic as saying we can stop hurricanes.